Et jak 2

Hi folks on Hydroxycarbamide and I have developed a stabing pain to the right top of my rib cage this morning i have a lump at the top of my rib cage has anyone else had this any info would be good cheers

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Hi @MissDaisy that sounds nasty and I think perhaps it is something to check out with your medical team.
Look after yourself and please let us know how you get on.

Thank you Erica will do xx

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Hi @MissDaisy, thank you for sharing. May I ask how you’re doing? It can be worrying to have new and unexplained symptoms and as Erica has said, it would certainly be worthwhile being reviewed by your medical team. They’ll be able to guide you around this, including if any tests need to be done and determining the cause. Perhaps you have the number for a Clinical Nurse Specialist that you can contact? Please don’t hesitate to give our Support Services Team a call on 0808 2080 888 if we can support you at all.

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Hi @MissDaisy I have been thinking about you, how are you doing now?
Be kind to yourself

Apparently i have a popped rib, all other symptoms nothing to do with medication, amazing how you never had symptoms before thank you so much for thinking of me I have had ET Jak2 and still never had a letter confirming diagnosis 3 months later hospital said they were short if secretaries :thinking:

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Oh @MissDaisy I bet that popped rib is painful.
Yes, letters can be spasmodic or slow to arrive.
Look after yourself

Thank you Erica for your kindness :heart:

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