Bone pain in ribs

Anyone have pain in their ribs, I have no pain when standing or walking but when I sit down and my back has put pressure on my ribs in my back I get a feeling of tightness/pain, it’s now also hurting in my ribs on the front, they are especially painful when pressed.

Secondary question anyone know if they have a high serum ferritin reading? If so do you know the number. Thanks

Just asking.

Hi Alan,

We’re really encouraged that you are reaching out for support, as it does sound like there is so much going on for you.
This is just to let you know, we have dropped you a direct message, we hope this helps and please do keep reaching out- we’re here to support you.

Take care and warmest wishes,

(Support Services Officer)

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Hi, if it is on your left side just below your rib cage then it is possibly your spleen. I have lymphoma and an enlarged spleen that is sometimes although infrequently painful. Codeine relieves it thankfully.

@Jsa thank you for sharing this, I’m sorry you have to experience this pain it sounds really tough. I’m glad you’ve found something that relieves it for you. How are you doing at the moment?

@Red1 how have you been doing this past week?

Hi Alice,

Not very good, I am convinced I have Acute leukemia as a result if radiation exposure but as yet all my blood results are good. Hasn’t stopped me worrying it my increasing symptoms

I’m so sorry you’re still having these concerns it must be so worrying for you. Have you got any further tests or scans lined up to investigate why you might be experiencing these symptoms, and have you voiced all of your concerns about acute leukaemia with your healthcare team?

I finished rchop last September and i too have had lower left rib pain accompanied with quite severe bloating after eating even small meals currently waiting for ct scan but my employers want me back at work on 1 august on front line ambulances

Welcome to this community @Carl999 I’m glad you found us. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this it sounds really uncomfortable. Are members of your clinical team such as consultant and/or clinical nurse specialist aware of everything you’re experiencing?

You mentioned that your employers want you back to work. How do you feel about this?
If you have any concerns around this at all I would really encourage you to talk it through with a member of your treatment team, perhaps by phone or email, and as you may well know, you don’t have to wait until your next appointment to do so.

In case it’s helpful at all. we have some information on the below web-page which you might find helpful -

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