Anyone suffer with bone pain

Hi, can anyone tell me how common bone pain is? Also anyone willing to try and describe what that’s like and where this occurs primarily.
Also anyone start with bone pain and clear bloods at that time.
By way if explanation, I am suffering with pain in my hips feels like it could be top of both femurs, this feels sometimes a burning pain then other times feels cold running down towards my knees ( to be clear feel cold but not to touch). I am also suffering increasingly with pain in the right hand side if my back into my shoulder, ok when standing but feeling tight when sitting, on pressing my ribs they are painful. Along side that my blood results have on the whole ok, however I did have one that described ‘red cells showed mild Anisocytosis’ which means cells of uneven size only which the GP doesn’t seem too worried about.

To be clear I have not been diagnosed with any blood cancer but due to being exposed to a lot of radiation and having the symptoms I have an concerned about having it. Quite frankly anyone with just my symptoms would not be thinking of leukemia as the obvious thing it’s only as I had the radiation exposure that I have, so in one respect no one with only bone pain would be looking for any blood issues, so my warped thinking is just maybe that my symptoms are early that no cells have shown up in my blood samples.

Well done for reading this far, any thoughts welcome.


Hi, it sounds as if you are going through a rough time with your symptoms and on top of that the worry of your diagnosis. I have found really telling medical people my fears, thoughts and feelings helps as well as of course my medical history and symptoms. Please take care.