Smouldering myeloma rib pain

I got diagnosed with smouldering myeloma 3 yrs ago and recently my ribs and hips are started aching and hurting. The last time i seen haematology she asked if i had bone pain at the time i hadnt but she was saying that something is raising and its nearly at 10 its 8 at the moment.which she said i have to go back to have another bone marrow biopsy is it normal to feel these pains at this stage


Hi there
Any new pain you should let your team know
It sounds like your paraprotein is rising?
Myeloma is an overall picture of symptoms/bloods unique to each of us

The bone marrow biopsy looks to see what amount of myeloma cells could be there

It’s pretty normal to have bone pain with myeloma

Do contact your team


Hi @Pam74,

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about the pain you’re experiencing.

I can see that you’ve already had some advice to speak to your Haematology team about your bone pain. I would really encourage you to do the same, as they will be best placed to advise on whether this is related to your blood cancer diagnosis or something else.

If it would be helpful to talk this through in more detail with one of our Support Services Nurses, please don’t hesitate to call the Support Line on 0808 2080 888.

Kind regards,

Support Services Manager


I have Chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia (CMML) and every time I have any pain I straightaway think it’s linked to my diagnosis.
At the age of 73 I think it’s pretty common to have aches and pains. I have osteoarthritis on both shoulders and knees, a back injury, etc.
So in my case it would be impossible to identify the source of joint pain. Plus the fact I am scared of the answer. Certainly mention it to your consultant if you aren’t sure.
Best wishes


The last time I contacted haematology nurse she told me if I was that concerned to contact my doctor which I have this morning and ive got an appointment with them Tuesday I have a appointment with haematology on the 3rd of May. As you can understand I’m getting confused on who to contact I try haematology and they tell me contact doctors so what do I do


Hi @pam74 a great big welcome and thanks so much for posting.
You have been given great advice already.
I am glad you have a GP appointment Tuesday, perhaps the nurse advised you to see your GP, who looks at your whole medical history, to rule out other causes of your pain. We are such complicated beings
Yes, it sounds like a bone marrow biopsy might be your way forward with the haematologist.
As others have said I always let my medical team aware of any changes in my symptoms.
Please do let us know how you get on and really look after yourself.


Thankyou so much I feel very welcome here I’ve had more support here than anywhere else :purple_heart: my haematology team said a month ago that i will have to go for another bone marrow biopsy which im not afraid of as ive had 1 before i think the doctor will just send me of for my bloods to be done which are due to be done and I definitely will keep you posted thanks again for the very warm welcome


As your smouldering it looks like you are under GP care?
Your GP should refer your pain to haematology I believe

It is confusing isn’t it

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Ive been seeing haematology every 8 wks atm but to go doctors to be referred to haematology for this is weird im trying cut out the middle man lol. but when i next go to haematology im going as this question