Getting Covid

Good afternoon this is day three after catching COVID tested on Monday on a lateral test symptoms mainly felt like a bad chest infection and headaches tried contacting my GP without any luck Tuesday sent my PCR test of came back today positive as expected but it has kicked things of for me just got of the phone from my GP who incidentally contacted me out of the blue and has now arranged for a consultation from the hospital so at the moment I don’t know if I can any other medication for my symptoms haven’t changed hopefully get some answers soon ,has anyone on the group experienced this and if so any advice would be grateful I have Polycythaemia vera (PV) by the way take care


Hi @Ronald really hope you’re doing ok and glad to hear your GP has arranged a consultation from the hospital. Our webpage explaning the process around accessing Covid treatment can be found here - Antibody and antiviral treatments for people with blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK. You may find it useful to read through.

Please don’t hesitate to give our support line a call on 0808 2080 888 if we can support you with anything.

A few people have spoken about their experiences here in case it’s useful - Access to nMAbs & Antivirals - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Blood Cancer UK Forum


Oh @Ronald so sorry to hear that you have caught Covid and the system is sort of kicking in.
@Alice_BloodCancerUK has given you a brilliant response that I cannot better.
All I shall say is I hope you symptoms subside soon, look after yourself and be kind to yourself, I suspect this will take you a while to fully recover from.
Please let us know how you get on.

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Hi @Ronald what’s been going on for you and how are you now.
Look after yourself