Happy New Year and Tips

Hi all,

HNY to everyone. I’m just recovering from a bacterial chest infection and a viral infection, double whammy the day after Boxing Day.

The day after Boxing Day, I ended up with a temperature at nearly 41. My wife contacted 111 and they told me to go to the local A&E. On arrival I was quickly taken through to triage but the rubbish thermometer they use (the one that just scans without touching) was giving a temperature of 36.2. They tested a few hours later and it was the same. It was a 7 hour wait to see a doctor so after 4 hours, I decided I would be better at home.

Once home, I took my temperature with a digital thermometer that goes in you ear and my temperature was 38.8 I compared this to the scanner type as have both at home that was reading 36.4. Tip 1get a thermometer that actually touches a part of the body.

Last Thursday, I contacted my Clinical Nurse Specialist and told her what had happened, she told me to get to the hospital (a different one) and she would see me. She took bloods, swaps and a sample of mucus putting me on antibiotics straight away. In and out in 15 minutes. She confirmed yesterday that I had both the viral and bacterial infections. Tip 2 if you have a clinical nurse attached, use them as they like to be kept updated on any problems/symptoms you may experience.

While chatting to her she mentioned the number of patients who have paid for prescriptions while having leukaemia/blood cancer treatment and said that people have spent £100’s that the shouldn’t have. Tip 3 if you are undergoing treatment make sure you are not paying for prescriptions if related to your cancer.

As a qualified mortgage and protection specialist here are a few financial tips

  1. If you have a critical illness policy this will more than likely payout if you have been diagnosed with a blood cancer. To make a claim is fairly straightforward and most of the time a letting from your consultant confirming your diagnosis will be sufficient for the insurance company to payout. If you haven’t claimed or unsure if you have the cover check your policy documents. A nice lump sum could come in handy if you are struggling financially. The money can be used as you see fit.

  2. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage due to being off work and on reduced pay or lack of sick pay, contact your lender and tell them about your situation. They may be able to offer you revised terms for a period of time to help you out, including interest only, payment holidays, a longer term etc. No lender wants to repossess your home so don’t leave it too late and get in touch with them.

  3. If you have life insurance and are diagnosed with a terminal condition then then check your policy as a lot of policies will pay out on a terminal diagnosis.

Hope the above is helpful. Please don’t put any personal information about insurance policies on the forum contact the company directly to discuss any questions you may have.


Thanks for the handy hints @Muzza and really look after yourself, and a great big thank you to your Clinical Nurse Specialist.

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@Erica Getting better slowly but feeling miles better last couple of days. My CNS is amazing.

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Some really useful information here. Thanks so much for sharing and I’m really glad you eventually got the treatment and medication that you needed :blush:


Hi @Muzza,
Thank you so much for posting this. I am so sorry you have been hit hard with all the bugs over the festive period but really pleased to hear you’re recovering okay and also have a brilliant cns.
Your brilliant post really is filled with important & useful tips for anyone affected by blood cancer, so thank you! We too have recently updated our webpage around financial support to reflect some of what you have highlighted- Blood cancer: money and work | Blood Cancer UK which is just so vital as we still muddle through this cost of living crisis.

Again thank you for sharing your very welcome expertise with us all Muzza.

Take Care, Lauran