Starting work again

Hi everyone, I’ve started a new job in an office and I’ve picked up a cold within the first week. I’m in my own office but have to deal with other workers every day. Any tips for how to remain safe at work and any tips for handling colds with Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma would be amazing. Thanks in advance


Hi @Adman congratulations on your new office job.
Typical that you have picked up a cold within the first week.
Perhaps it is not surprising if you have not been in in close proximity like that to people for ages.
Do your new employers know your medical history?
How are you feeling?
Please do contact your medical team if you feel worse than you usually do with a cold or that your symptoms are not shifting.
Personally, I think all you can do is be aware of your hand washing and sanitising etc. Perhaps try and keep a reasonable distance from other people.
Mask wearing is an option.
I think anyone with a compromised immune system might have ideas and views on your situation.
If You would like to talk to the Blood Cancer UK support line they are available on 0808 2080 888
Look after yourself and please do keep posting

Hi Erica thanks for replying. I’m not feeling too bad with it ATM but I’m very congested which is annoying. My coworkers are aware of my condition so if I started to wear a mask whilst talking to them so i could try that thank you.

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Hi @Adman. I have Non hodgkins follicular lymphoma and teach in a primary school. I went back to work after Covid and caught it twice. I’m not sure if it was from work or the family.
It’s a tough one isn’t it because there isn’t any guidance anymore so I’m not sure of the answer.
I just make sure I follow all the hygiene rules and look after myself.
As the winter months get closer I’m not really sure what I can do. It would be good to hear others responses.


Hi @Adman ,
At this time of year I use an aromatherapy synergy of ‘Antiviral’ essential oils which contains Ravensara, Tea tree, Basil and Cedarwood. I use it in an electric aroma diffuser so no naked flames to worry about. It helps to keep bugs at bay but also smells amazing. Some of the new diffusers also ionize and purify the air as well. Buy good quality essential oils though from a properly registered supplier.
Take care. X

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Hi @AllyBally interesting aromatherapy ideas, thanks.
Take lots of care

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Hi @Adman
I think that covid taught us a lot about avoiding colds and viruses. Washing hands often , sanitising surfaces and good ventilation goes a long way to keep viruses at bay. When I went back to the office I kept washing my hands often , using sanitiser , cleaned surfaces , door handles and lots of ventilation.
Good luck

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