Common cold

Hi everyone, does anyone here have any tips as to what to do when you get a nasty cold? Usually they don’t bother me but since I’ve had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) they completely take olit out of me.

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Sorry to hear the cold has hit you bigtime.

With common cold taking many symptoms of Covid it’s always best to get yourself checked so if you are positive, you can get the ball rolling for anything you’re legible for.

Obvs your condition and medication can hinder your immune system so that’s another explanation alongside there seems to be a lot going round.

There’s a lot “old wives” remedies but I’d be very conscious of recommending without any medical knowledge.

Can’t beat rest, warm, hot drinks, water and sleep and hope it fades soon!


Hi @Adman the common cold can be horrible and yukky.
@Rammie18 has given you a great response.
Yes, make sure you seek medical advice if in doubt and before taking any over the counter remedies.
I think over the last few years I have realised the importance of keeping warm and having fluids, especially in colder times I find hot drinks are more therapeutic and comforting for me.
I also find some fresh air (well wrapped up) makes me feel better.
It’s the one time I really enjoy Heinz tomato soup (other brands are available) !!
Yes, colds do take it out of me more and the symptoms linger and it takes me longer to build back up.
Be kind to yourself

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Good old fashioned remedies work for me plenty of fresh air wrap up warm and a gentle stroll. I leave near a beach I swear by the sea air on a windy day to blast anything away especially when a headache is looming.A forest is fantastic too in fact I saw a great article a few weeks ago about the benefits of walking in a forest.
I also use honey and lemon only I never boil the lemon just add it at after I’ve warmed the honey and just old fashioned paracetamol for the aches and pains these cold remedies cost a fortune!
When my nose is really blocked I steam over a bowl with essential oils or herbs that works wonders.
My husband has a saying 3 days coming , 3 days with, 3 days going. He is about right I find a stinking cold last all in all about that before it fully goes.
Hope this winter is kind to us all.


Hi @Adman ,
An aromatherapy blend of Ravensara, Tea Tree, Basil and Cedarwood has anti-viral properties. Add 2-3 drops to a hanky and inhale frequently, especially when out and about. Or use it in a diffuser. Buy good quality oils though from a registered supplier. I can send a link if you message me directly.
Look after yourself.


Thanks everyone for all your suggestions :smiling_face:

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