Happy New Year to everyone on the forum

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you have a positive and prosperous 2020. I’d also like thank everyone on the forum for all their support and advice. You’re all stars!

All the best,



Thank you so much for your lovely wishes Peter @Dyslexicprof :grinning: Wishing you the very same! and thank you also for all your fantastic contributions to the forum this year too! :blush:

Happy 2020 everyone :blush:



Peter, what lovely sentiments, thank you, I have really looked forward to and appreciated your posts and responses on this site. Lots more in 2020 please. Aren’t we lucky to have our own community forum and yes, lets hope we all have a healthy, happy, supportive, fun 2020, we all deserve it.


I’m new to the forum and not used to communicate in this way as I was born well before the digital revolution; this granny wants to learn though and become an active contributor.
As a beginning let me wish you all a Happy 2020.
I look towards the new year with some trepidation but more with hope and curiosity.


Happy New Year everyone. I’m afraid I did not wait up for the bells and surprisingly not woken by fireworks this year. Have got up to a bright morning. Just having a leisurely breakfast and then a nice quiet meal later with my star of a husband. Let’s not forget all the wonderful carers out there. I could not have got here without him.


Hi @Midnight-sun and what a brilliant time to join as we enter 2020 and participate with our supportive, informative community forum. I am also of an age where I should know better, but never seem to learn. When I was at work I received a postcard that said ‘I learn so much by my mistakes, I think I will make more’. I was told to take it down in no uncertain terms. I was diagnosed with CLL in 2003 and I have been a very lucky girl and been on watch and wait (active monitoring) ever since. This is also the first community forum I have ever participated in and I can only do the basics and learn as I go on. I must look at the Guide to getting started above again!! I can only learn with mini bite sized bits. I now do not care what I look like so I took up pilates and Zumba in the 2010 decade, what can I do in the 2020’s? I look forward to hearing more about you, this community forum is for you to have a safe space to share what is really going on for you and how you are really feeling and those innermost thoughts.

Oh, Joan I so agree with you, carers are so not supported and appreciated as they should be. Your husband certainly sounds a shining star and a quiet meal together sounds really precious to me. I actually did see the New Year in and then went straight to my lovely comfy bed. There were some fireworks but they did not keep me awake and I decided to start the year with a lovely hot, bubbly bath. We are just going to my son, who is local. He is 46, but this is his first festive season in his own home. We are going by car as we have ‘stuff’ to take over, but I am going to walk back to get some fresh air and exercise and it is a great occupation as I am rather nosey. I look forward to hearing more from you in 2020 and a very healthy, happy, fun new year to you and your Star,

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Happy New Year everyone! it was so lovely reading through these messages, it’s so very wonderful that you all feel well supported by one another. The Bloodwise Support team really value all of your contributions :+1: :smile:

@Midnight-sun wishing you a very warm welcome! I’m Su, one of the Support Services Officers here at Bloodwise. Please do give us or any of our fabulous members a shout if you have any questions, we’re a friendly bunch :smiley: I really hope you enjoy using the forum and look forward to hearing from you!