Heart investigations

Hi everyone,
After having some chest discomfort a few weeks ago I’m undergoing some tests, though I now believe my symptoms were due to anaemia (Hb 90). My treadmill tests showed positive (cause not determined) and a myocardial perfusion test has been suggested. Given that I have abnormal cells in my blood already I’m inclined to decline having this test, not really wanting radioactive fluid injected into already abnormal blood.
Anyone views would be appreciated or has anyone had this test and firmed and opinion of its usefulness in our circumstances please?

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I think a question to a specialist nurse ( in my hospital it would be the Macmillan Nurses who are the most fabulous team) about the strength of the radio active liquid would be a good move.
I have had it done when I had pulmonary emboli and it does arrive in a box with a big radioactive symbol on but in all honesty I have no idea of the effects. I do remember them telling me how it has a very short life and therefore does not stay in your body for any length of time. That suggests you may be worrying a bit too much about it. Ask the questions in the cardiology dept. Request a chat with a specialist nurse.
I also had a heart scan this week. My haematologist requested it. It is all very disconcerting as a non medical person I feel very devoted to my brain and heart. Any suggestion of a fault is bound to ramp up anxiety. What a pair of worry warts we are!:rofl:


Hello @Helen2
Sorry to hear you have been having chest discomfort and some investigations for this.
Sadly, I know very little about cardiology and the scans used in this area, however I did find this page on the British Heart Foundation website: Myocardial Perfusion Test
I think that @GrandmaJo is right, it’s probably best to discuss your concerns around the amount of dye and risk factors, with the specialist nurse, or ring the department that’s on the appointment letter and ask if you can speak to one of the Nuclear Medicine Radiographers. Say that you have questions that need answering prior to your appointment.
Hopefully the link is useful to you.
Do take care and have a good weekend, Heidi.


Hi @Helen2 and @GrandmaJo I think your question has already been answered, but I certainly do not think you are a pair of ‘worry warts’, if you are please can I join you and make it a trio.
I am also rather devoted to my brain and heart, well most of me really, just not my blood.
I am also a very non medical person and medical jargon is a bit like white noise, but 19 yrs on I still get anxious before all tests, results and appointments.
I have an irregular heartbeat and have been on medication for about 15 yrs
Please let us know how your concerns are addressed @Helen2
Look after yourselves.


Hi @Helen2 ,

I understand your anxiety about having scan.
There is some info on the British Heart Foundation website which yiu might find helpful.

I have had a nuclear medicine scan of my kidneys to see how well they are functioning twice. It wasnt too bad at all, but you do need to drink water to flush the radioisotope out of your body.
Best wishes