Hi my husband has been diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia

Hi my husband has been diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia in October 2023.anyone here to talk to about this form of blood cancer and its symptoms?

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Hi @Levante - welcome to our forum. I’m so glad that you found us. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. It’s a difficult time and understandably you want information.

I have a different blood cancer but I’m sure others with a shared experience will be only too happy to talk.

You can also contact the Blood Cancer UK support line - Blood cancer information and support by phone or email

And here is a link to a bit more information on Hairy Cell Leukaemia - https://bloodcancer.org.uk/understanding-blood-cancer/blood-cancer-types/#hairy-cell-leukaemia-hcl

Do keep posting and above all take care of yourself.


Thanks so much for replying and sending the info. Levante.

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Also Maggie i wish you all the best with your diagnosis x


Hi @Levante, I cannot better @MaggieLT response but welcome.
I really hope someone can help you but if your husband wants to perhaps write down all his fears, questions and practicalities with you so he covers everything you and he would like to know at his next appointment.
Perhaps what most of us share is thoughts, feelings and practicalities.
Look after yourselves and please do keep posting.

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A big welcome to the forum. I can see you have had a great welcome from our wonderful forum family and I hope that has helped you to feel less alone :blush: