Referred routinely to Haematology but feeling increasingly ill
Nobody listens.
It’s not anxiety it’s pain
white blood cell 11.6 in Dec but ache everywhere
Has it become acute while I panicked about possible symptoms?
I’m in so much pain in hip, groin, ribs and so dizzy and tired.

Hi @Froglet1 and welcome to the forum.
I can sense how worried you are from your post.
Can I ask. Have you seen the consultant or do you have an appointment date? In the meantime I wonder if it might be worth making an appointment with your GP so you can talk through your concerns.
The waiting is often the hardest part and leaves us to much time to think, and that’s usually thinking the worst.
Would it help to give the helpline a call? I’ll share the link below :blush:


Here you go.
How to contact Blood Cancer UK | Blood Cancer UK.

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Hi @Froglet1 welcome I am so glad that you have found us, you sound so panicked.
It is so natural how you feel the unknown is scary.
Have you spoken to your Haematologist, specialist nurse contact, if you have one or GP about all your symptoms and the severity of each one and the impact on your life.
I am aware you say that nobody listens, perhaps you might consider a second opinion or, obviously at cost to you, if you could manage it, a private opinion.
When I feel that nobody is listening to me I ensure I am organised with everything I want to say written out clearly. I am pleasantly assertive and ensure I ask for answers or a way forward before I leave.
I have to watch that my stress and anxiety doesn’t take over as I have found that it does not helpl me medically.
They might or might not be connected to your Leukaemia.
I always think it is so difficult at this time of the year as there are so many bugs/Covid/flu etc, etc. out there.
Really look after and be very kind to yourself and please do keep posting


Welcome to the Forum! It really is a worrying time when you don’t know what is going on with your body or why it is happening. From my experience it truly is the worst time, waiting for tests/ examinations and diagnosis. Once you have a plan things seem to fall into place. Please look after yourself and try not to worry too much - easier said than done I know though.