High platelets, macrocytes and myelocytes in 5 year old

Hello, my five year old has had platelet counts in the 500s since birth. Her pediatrician decided to do another blood test at her well visit last week. Her platelets are 656, her BUN/creatinine ratio is 46, she has macrocytes 1+, as well as high atypical lymphocytes and myelocytes present. She was quickly refered to a hematologist. We’ve heard everything from it’s nothing to it’s cancer. I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on her test results and if there are any tests that I should push for.

Thank you!


Hi Lauren thanks so much for posting.
I can tell how concerned you are, it is so hard as you have your natural concern and your maternal feelings as well.
I cannot answer your medical questions, but I do know what it is like to be waiting and not knowing, it is a horrible feeling.
How is your daughter feeling and doing?
That is the main thing
The haematology team will take a lot more than just test results in making a diagnosis or deciding on more tests.
I know it all takes time, but it is best to get it right.
The Blood Cancer UK support line is 0808 2080 888
Really look after yourselves and please do keep posting.

Hi @Lauren.
I’m really sorry you have found yourself in this situation. It must be a really worrying time for you all.
Have you received an appointment date with your haematologist?
It may be useful to give the support line a call as @Erica suggested. They may be able to advise on questions to ask at your next appointment.
Waiting is just so hard and often, it’s not as quick as we want it to be.
Please keep posting and keep us updating on how you are all doing X

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