Husband neutropenic while on chemo- can I visit him?

Hi @Rose1 I bet your beautiful guardian angel is looking after you.
My date is 16 December 2003 and I told a friend in Los Angeles in a Christmas card and our cards crossed over the ocean and she had also just been diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) too.
She is doing well too.
I also feel gratitude every single day.
Be kind to yourself

Wow it’s so refreshing to hear everyone else’s experiences and to know I’m not alone in this! So many of you also went through similar experiences too. I’m still visiting him everyday and it’s going well, taking all the precautions covid tests, mask, hand washing etc. it’s just so anxious as you have all said waiting to see if this chemo has worked. We’ve had so many setbacks in this 2 months journey now of him trying other chemos and it hasnt worked. Sometimes I stop in my steps and ask myself is this actually happening, is this actually real, the shock is horrible. He’s only 30 and I’m 24. And prior to the diagnosis he was absolutely fit, has a business, on the go constantly, we travel, go out alot together, we’ve just bought a house 2 months before the diagnosis came, we spend all our time together, we always joke that we are not husband and wife but we are best friends, our relationship is very deep and we are always always together and do EVERYTHING together. And all of a sudden he fell Ill over the course of just 2 weeks and we put it down to a chest infection, little did we know he has an aggressive cancer inside of him. I am determined and not giving up, he will come home to us again and be back on his feet. Just praying this flag IDA will help us achieve this!

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It is very draining though, been going through this hospital life for past 2 months. Just want our life to get back to Normal. Anyone else been through a long hospital stay like my husband? How did you cope? Running out of ideas to keep him occupied and busy through the days!

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Hi @Prettymurriam you must be so, so exhausted mentally, physically and practically.
I always say that the partners have the same rollercoaster of emotions but are also trying to keep all the plates spinning at home too. You are so powerless to to make your partner better too.
I realise you obviously want to spend all your time with your partner, but please try to look after yourself.
Be ever so kind to yourself.

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So glad to hear you are still doing well and what a shock it must have been to learn your friend had also been diagnosed aswell.
I’m just so happy your friend is also doing well.Take care both of you and stay safe .
Rose x


thank you Erica, my husband is at home now after 4 month hospital stay currently waiting for stem cell doner. it was difficult 4 months but worth it in the end.
I travelled an hour daily but it helped keep my mind in a good place. He will be in hospital in Dublin 4 hours away for next treatment but i will visit when i can.
I will update you as things progress.


Thanks @WestCork1958 I hope your husband gets a donor soon.
I am glad you were able to visit him and it kept your mind in a good place, although you had a long travelling time.
4 hrs will be a long travelling time and more difficult for you.
Yes, please update us as and when.
Look after yourselves and be kind to yourselves

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Hi @Prettymurriam I have been thinking about you and I just wondered how you are doing?
Look after yourself.