Ideas for the wee hours

Oh yes I bet that work flexibility is really helpful right now actually. I used to like being able to get stuff done in the weird midweek mornings I had free, rather than having to cram it into weekends. I think you’re right to see it as an advantage, I wish I could sleep more randomly when needed. I can’t even sleep on long flights, so annoying.

Meditation sounds like a great idea for those moments where you’d rather be resting your eyes. Pity cannabis isn’t legal around the UK as that’s obviously great for helping people nod off! As for booze, I’m steering clear of it these days as it doesn’t agree with me since I started taking hydroxyurea, and I understood alcohol to generally not be advisable during chemotherapy so I’ve mostly cut that out.

So it was your idea for a book thread! Love it. Looking forward to some recommendations :books:


@Iain so does Middlemarch if also dropped from the correct height and angle :wink:

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@Duncan seen too much mental and physical damage caused by cannabis, much more recommend it’s legal cousin, hops.
Many workers have had a scent induced nap after working with the hops at a brewery without the need for the end product :wink:


Oh that’s a pity about witnessing issues in others around cannabis. My understanding of current cannabis research at places like University Of London and John Hopkins is that it’s not addictive (or carcinogenic) like alcohol or other substances such as opioids, but rather it’s our specific mental health issues which can cause us to use it habitually and in unhealthy ways—similar to folks who rely on alcohol to self-medicate through or in reaction to personal issues. Where I live cannabis can be bought at dispensaries that are like chemists and it’s been regulated and legalised to cut out much of the dodgy aspects of its manufacture and sale. But I know it isn’t seen in such a positive light around the UK and so I understand hesitation around its use or even talking about it!

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@Duncan back in the olden days, when we got real books to read in school and making a phone call to a girlfriend meant daring the red phone box with a pile of 2p’s, my social history teacher used to bring in cousin in to do a talk on drugs.
He would say he had never done any other drug besides cannabis and reeled off all the mental and physical side effects it had on him and the effect it had on his marriage and his children.
Like any toxic drug, it is addictive, just as tobacco is or booze, because our body starts to crave, just like today, mobile phones are.
So remember, smoking your Iphone is not cool or healthy :wink:


That’s such a pity your teacher’s cousin of yore had such a strong reaction to cannabis. I’ve known people who hated how it made them feel too—one of my friends says it makes her feel paranoid, so she simply doesn’t use it. Similarly, folks who know that alcohol disagrees with them would be advised to avoid that, I’d say, except that is addictive and triggers dependency and physical withdrawal symptoms which you can’t get with cannabis.

The fact remains that for many people cannabis (when used separately from tobacco/blunts) does more good than harm, at least according to medical research being done at places like UC Berkeley, an esteemed public university in California: What Is Cannabis Doing to Our Brains? | East Bay Express | Oakland, Berkeley & Alameda

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@clickinhistory having sleep issues is the worst! I find I drop off fine, but then wake in the early hours and then the brain kicks into overdrive. Then there’s the “if I fall asleep now I’ll have this many hours…” cycle until the alarm clock goes off! I find the Calm app a really great support in these moments. It has sleep stories, meditations, music and soundscapes that help you drift back off. I mean who doesn’t want to be lulled back to sleep by Harry Styles reading you a story!


@MaggieLT will give Mr Styles a miss lol. Now Mariella Frostrup or the much missed Michael Hordern,
Had a bad night last night, finally got to watch the first series of Shetland on the iPlayer :wink:

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Sorry to hear that @clickinhistory. I hope you have a better night tonight :blush:


@MaggieLT season 4 of Shetland which is not actually filmed in Shetland, see, not wasted time anymore, educational activity session :slight_smile:


@Duncan as with all research, follow the money and look at what they want the message to be :wink: though cannabis is addictive and the new varieties more so

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Follow the money of a public university’s clinical research that has to be peer-reviewed by independent experts before being published? It’s hard to fake data for the sake of capitalism when numerous others have to check your findings. I’m pretty sure the big money isn’t in researching easily available natural substances that have been used safely by indigenous peoples around the world for millennia.

Serious question, but how do you differentiate between ‘good’ medicine and ‘bad’ medicine as it seems you don’t trust medical research? I ask because I’ve had to figure out my own way through the medicalisation of all this that we’re experiencing as cancer survivors, and as someone who tries to avoid medicine as much as possible. Personally I’ve had to accept that some of my medicine is barely understood as it’s so new, like the hydroxyurea, whereas some has decades of safety and efficacy data behind it, like aspirin. It’s a tricky balance!

Anyway, I hope you find ways to deal with insomnia that suit your needs, @clickinhistory!

@clickinhistory how strange Shetland has been mentioned - I watched all the series available in hospital Feb/Mar 21 as my friend had recommended it, love this programme and I’m just catching up on the latest one now :blush:


I’ve not read this but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s just lots of short snippets comforting and uplifting that you can dip in to. It was recommended to me just never got round to buying it.


Sometimes in the dark, I just get an idea :wink:

Many aeons ago, a creature of the universe, was asked to bring in the wood from the shed to keep the hearth warm during the dark night.

Muttering under their breathe and shivering in the cold, they stumbled along the path till they reached the shed.

Fumbling with the latch, they pushed against the door, stuck as it had swelled in the wet.

Giving a massive shove with their shoulder, the door resisted until it bowed under pressure and popped open like a weed breaking through the dried mud.

The creature fell flat to the floor, crashing into the wood pile and other items stored there with a massive crash.

Laying there, panting and sore, the creature raised it’s head, their eyes struggling to see in the gloom.

“Where’s the light?” came a voice from the door.

The creature grunted as it raised itself upright, patting it’s pockets for the flint.

Finding it, they struck the flint and a spark caught the wick of the candle, bowing low, they turned to the voice,

“Let there be light”

The single flame flapped and twisted as it fought to catch, sending strange patterns of light and shadow across the insides of the dark shed.

The creature turned towards the wood pile, picking up the fallen logs, stacking them in order, pushing other fallen items aside with their foot.

Suddenly the voice spoke behind it’s back,

“Pass me the wood while you sort this mess out and you can sort through this junk and decide what you are going to do with it or just throw it out”

After a deep sigh was held within, the creature of the universe, grabbed some wood and passed it through the door frame.

The creature heard the other’s footsteps walk away and all that was left was a silence and a dancing flame who just bobbed the tip before returning to focus on their job of shining into the darkness.

They looked around the mess on the floor and the items stashed with loving care on the shelves, the random bits of worked timber, the shattered bits of white quartz from a river bed, the clay from the pond he had dug to provide water out of the wet season.

Picking up the white quartz, he went to throw it out of the door, when his foot slipped on a small branch they had missed, the pieces flew into the air, some embedded themselves into the roof of the shed, other whizzed around the air.

Cursing, they picked up the clay and angrily, tore into it, forming a ball and pounding it tightly, he went to fling it out of the doorway, when the reflected light of the quartz and the flame from the candle made it pause.

A smile spread across the face of the creature of the universe, quickly they tore a length of twine and pierced a hole through the clay ball. Threading the twine through it, they attached it to the span timber of the shed.

Singing gently, the creature forgot about the wood stacking, the tidying up, they sat on the stool at the bench, modelling strange wondrous creatures, landscapes of sea and land, slowly the bench surface became hidden as the collection grew.

A sliver of cold air blew through the open door, cursing the creature blew in to their hands to warm up the sudden chilled skin, not focused on the direction of the breath, before they shut the door.

A shout rent the night air,

“You finished out there your supper is getting cold?”

The creature felt it’s stomach rumble, the hunger pains of the last few hours became a pulsating basic need. They reached out and put a glass cover over the candle, knowing it were burn out soon enough, pulled the door open and stomped off up the path to their supper.

Meanwhile on the bench, the breath of the creature was having a strange effect on the ball of clay and all the models…

The moral of this tale,

Never send a model railway enthusiast out to the man shed for wood on a dark winters night and expect them to do the job they were asked to do as magical things can happen in the imagination of a creature of the universe.


@Suenew1967 caught u and loved it, fingers crossed for series 9, worth it just for the landscape :slight_smile:


@Duncan discovered an usual aural sound track for a mediation for a restless night, enjoy

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I love this! Thank you so much, @clickinhistory. Got it on in the background and it made the dog fall asleep instantly! Come to think of it, I’m feeling pretty zen now too.


@Duncan well I am sure the sound recording artist (who lives near this lake, check out her YouTube videos), could use that recommendation on social media…“Zen enough to relax the hound” :wink:


You may already know and love this newly rereleased ambient gem, @clickinhistory:

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