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How have people occupied themselves during the stress since last March? What are you looking forward to when covid WILL be over

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Good questions @anon06, when the first lockdown was announced I made such plans for reading more, listening to more music, doing things on my housework ‘to do’ list and got a zig saw down.
Well several months later I had not done any of the above and a hadn’t felt bored for a moment.
Our phone bill went up considerably as I contacted family and friends more and I kept to a routine of exercises and a pilates dvd daily. Therefore my Amazon bill went up as I purchased 7 more pilates dvd’s to go with my existing 1 and a set of bands. I used 2 cans of chopped tomatoes as weights. (I was given the set of weights I wanted for this Christmas).
I have kept to a timed nap in the afternoon and sleep well.
I have learnt to use zoom, Microsoft teams and skype and got used to online events and again keeping up with family and friends.
When restrictions were lifted a bit in August I started a daily 1 1/4hrs exercise walk with my music playing in my ears, masked up and distancing etc. I still do this today which I enjoy appreciating nature etc and being nosey.
When we can go out and socialise safely I want to see family and friends and natter and have a hug.
I have taken stock of my life and decided how I want to spend my time, I will not have so many commitments and not go back to the gym, but continue my pilates at home when I want to do it in the day.
What about you and others.


I have knitted and crocheted my way through shielding. I have made several blankets from baby blankets up to single bed size
Now that Spring is upon us I will try and potter in the garden and sow seeds in the propogator. I also like to read a lot x

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