Just been given the worst news

Hi all. My Dad was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) a year ago and was receiving treatment for it which was working pretty well at keeping it at bay. However he had a biopsy done on Monday and we went for the results today and it’s not good. The chemo has stopped working now and he’s no longer in remission. It means there’s nothing else that can really be done for him now.

We’re all heartbroken to say the least, I just don’t know what to do with myself or how to help him. I know we won’t have long left with him as I know this type of leukaemia grows very quickly and I think that is the scariest thing.

I just feel so lost and helpless right now, I don’t know what to do.


Oh, @Serexo you must feel so heartbroken, lost and helpless. I am so glad you have found us you are now part of our forum.
Can you talk to your dad and see how he is feeling, thinking and what he would like to do?
It sounds as if you and your dad are part of a wider family.
Perhaps you will all be trying to process the news in different ways.
As for us supporting you, we are here and if you would like to talk to someone the Blood Cancer UK support line is there for you on 0808 2080 888.
If you your family and your dad have questions you would like to ask his medical team perhaps write them down and ask them either when he next sees them or perhaps contact them.
Your GP might be able to help you, I found I needed counselling.
Perhaps just try, and it’s not easy, but to just take it a day at a time.
Please keep posting how you are and be ever so kind to yourselves.

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Hello @Serexo.
That’s must have been so hard to hear and off course you must feel heartbroken.
@Erica has given you the support line information do please use it if you need to. There is always an ear to listen and we are all here for you to.
Have your family or your dad been offered any support?
Sending lots of love to you and your family x


Hi @Serexo, thank you for sharing this. I’m so very sorry to hear your news. It must be an awful lot to take this news on board and it’s understandable to be feeling heartbroken and not sure of what to do now. May we ask how you’re doing today? Erica and Nichola have mentioned our support line - if you’d find it useful to talk this through, or if you just need a bit of support, please know you can reach out to us (0808 2080 888).

Do you mind me asking what support you and your Dad have around you? Please know there is support out there and this is something we can definitely talk you through if that would be helpful. We’re here for you, and thinking of you.

Best wishes,


I am so sorry to hear that devastating news Serexo, having had similar news lately, and waiting to see how long I’ve got, I understand what your Dad and you must be going through.

It is much worse for those round about us, in my case my daughter and wife.

I, more or less have come to terms with this, (I think) as I have adopted a ‘Worst Case’ scenario, way of dealing with it.

However everyone is different, and deals with this type of news in many ways.

After the initial shock, I have decided to enjoy every day, possible, with those I love.

History shows us, that very often the prognosis is wrong, and there have been amazing unexpected results regarding ‘Longevity’. So, whilst being realistic, we can still think positive.

There has been much research done on this subject, and the advice I have been given from my Medics, over the years, is that if you keep fit, eat right, keep your weight down, and think positively, you have a much better chance of good outcomes, whether that be, quality of life, or even extension of life.

I so hope that your Dad, you, and others close to him, get through these terrible times, in way you can all cope with.

Please keep talking to us throughout this horribleness, if you can, as I have found that talking, helps me enormously.

I wish you all the very best


How is your father doing? Hoping for the best :mending_heart:

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Thank you everyone. My Dad is doing as well as he can be, he’s been having blood transfusions to keep him going but we still have no idea how long he might have.

We’re hoping that it’s a while yet as he still seems in okay spirits but it’s just so hard not worrying every single day of when it might happen.

I’m still so scared everyday that I wake up just in case the worst happens. We are spending as much time with him as we can and my 6 year old daughter keeps him busy which I know is a good thing.

I just hope we have as long as possible with him and that he doesn’t end up in too much pain towards the end as that would be horrible to watch him go through.


Oh @Serexo it must be so difficult for you. but I am sure your daughter is that best medicine he could have.
Just be very kind to yourselves and spoil yourselves, do lovely things and make special memories.
Look after yourself as well as you are looking after your dad. We are here for you so you can say how it really is for you. The Blood Cancer UK support line is also there for you…

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