Looking for help please

I’m just wondering what the difference is between monitoring vs diagnostic is with the BCR-ABL1 if anyone has any information… also I’ll post a few other blood tests I’ve had done, any help with them would be great too… I’m a worrier so trying to reach out to many people as possible with help understanding these tests… thank you for reading - Now below is more pictures of my tests -

Thank you again :heart:

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Hi @MissB this is too medical for me and perhaps one for whoever ordered your tests in the first place.
Our forum is more a peer support forum, not a medically trained forum, and we would be second guessing why someone medically trained has requested something.
These are valid questions to ask.
Please let us know how you get on, you say you are a worrier and I think many of us know what that is like, that waiting and not knowing is scary and horrible.
The main thing is that you look after and be very kind to yourself and please keep posting.


Hello @MissB
As @Erica has suggested it is best to discuss these blood test requests with the Medical person that requested them, they can tell you what they are, and why they have ordered each test.
Each test requested is related to something they are trying to rule out and will be down to the symptoms you have alerted them to, so this is all very individual.
Please do let the Doctor know you are anxious, as can help them understand that they may need to be better with their communication to you, and explain things more clearly so you don’t worry.
Look after yourself, best wishes, Heidi.

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Hello MissB - as other posts mention do chat to your consultant as to why the various tests are being done - as it has to be explained in context of any symptoms you may have been having or any conditions you may already have had - I would mention that all the tests are very usual ones that are run to help find out what may be causing any symptoms in a patient - and looks like you have a consultant who is being very thorough so will be helping you out well - and should be nothing to cause you alarm or concern - although I appreciate that’s easier said than done especially when waiting for results - just remember tests are there to help us - keep us posted