Unsure of blood results

Hi im new here, stumbled across whilst doing the dreaded googling
So iv just had a phone appt with my lipid consultant as I have Familia hyperlipidima and heart disease (Im 42)
All was going ok…ish, then she asked “have you had an infection recently?” My answer was no…why?
She said she had coincidentally noticed something on my blood results, a white blood cell count of 11.9…she said to repeat tests in a week and go from there, I mentioned I had spoke to my GP in the summer as I was bruising and had tiny purple pin pricks on my legs…her reply…hmmmmm
I have now stupidly googled!
My vision has been blurry, I have pain on my left side when stretching, im exhausted and I ache continously, im now in tears thinking the worst! Im scheduled to have bloods redone next week and im so worried :frowning_face:
Thankyou for any advice x

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Hi @Vanesat, a big welcome to our forum. Well at least one good thing has come out of the dreaded Googling and that is you found us.
I am not medically trained but what I do know is that medical people take a lot of aspects into account when making a diagnosis. This might include test results, symptoms and medical history and probably progression of symptoms.
It is so natural that you are really worried, I always think the not knowing is the worst as my thoughts and fears go whizzing off in all directions, usually thinking the worst.
I also think that the last year of lockdowns has meant that my emotions are all over the place and often my tears rear up uncontrollably.
Anyway we are here to support you and if you need to talk you can contact the Support Services Team on 0808 2080 888 (10am-7pm Monday-Friday, and 10am-1pm Saturday and Sunday) or via email at support@bloodcancer.org.uk
Please let us know how you get on, I won’t tell you to stop worrying because it is so natural. Just take care of yourself and stay safe.

Me again, What I have found is no matter what our diagnosis or treatment is we often share the same fears thoughts and feelings. I still get anxious before medical appointments. I also find it helps to write down everything I want to ask before appointments because my mind goes blank when I walk in the room. My question list might include my fears, thoughts and feelings, practicalities.

Thankyou for the reply, iv calmed down a little but more and more things are coming to mind that id kind of just brushed off, my eyes are increasingly blurry, iv had quite a few times when iv had such blurred vision that iv become wobbly when walking, my waist has increased by 2.5 inches but iv not gained weight, i guess its just a waiting game now, she said id be reffered to a heomotologist should the results still be high, is 11.9 extremly high, I have no clue?
Im a firm believer in what will be will be and if it is something awful then il be hanging around here alot :wink:
My gut is telling me its not great though :frowning:

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Hi @Vanesat, I was diagnosed with leukaemia 17 yrs ago, I still haven’t had treatment just actively monitored, I am a very lucky girl.
Your blurred eyesight especially must be so scary and debilitating.
Yes, it is a waiting game for you, that is an absolutely horrible time so we are here to support you, we understand as we have all been there.

Hi @Vanesat We hope you’ve been doing okay since your last post? as @Erica says, it so understandably to feel concerned about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and find the waiting difficult.

It’s reassuring to hear that things are being kept an eye on by your lipid consultant, please do keep us posted on how you get on. We’re always here to talk anything through- it’s so important for you to know you don’t have to cope with this alone :+1:

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Hi! Im feeling ok today, just a little anxious, constantly trying to rack my brain as to if i may have had an infection of some sort when I had my bloods done,im pretty sure I didnt.
Im also mostly worried about telling people if it is bad news, my health has been terrible for years with my heart and liver, and im worried of a reaction of “oh something else wrong with you” as there is always sonething wrong with me due to the 2 long term illnesses I have, my husbands response yesterday was “surely one person cant be that unlucky” then continued to go about his business
I keep alot to myself as I feel like friends /family roll their eyes if i mention anything medical thats changed for me, I just dont know if il cope ok if its bad news. The thought of ANOTHER consultant, another deparment, more medical jargon, more tests and poking around…errrghhhh
Id finallt got my head around heart procedures and the liklihood il go into heart failure soon and then this new one pops up :frowning:

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Hi @Vanesat, oh, I’ve got a husband like that as well, he just cannot deal with my emotions and goes around with his head in the sand in denial. I just have to accept that is how he is, I cannot change him now, but actually words hurt me so I clam up.
I joke that I have been under every speciality at my hospital apart from Maternity.
I was so healthy for my 1st century then it seems to have been one thing after another .I understand what you are saying and feeling completely so you are not alone and I learn so much about myself in your posts, please keep posting.