LTD insurance and moving abroad

Hi everyone,

I went through a LAL leukaemia with stem cells transplant, I’m recovering and I’m lucky enough to have a Long Term Disease insurance. I was wondering if any of you moved to a different country while being under LTD insurance? How did it work with your insurance?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience
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Hi @raphael2908 an interesting question about Long Term Disease insurance, let’s hope someone can help you.
Have you been following the holiday travel insurance thread, which is obviously slightly different?
Holiday insurance - Welcome to the Blood Cancer UK Forum - Blood Cancer UK Forum

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Hi @raphael2908, thank you for your post and I do hope you’re doing okay. Perhaps others may have experiences they can share with you. Although I’m not sure of the exact answer to your question, I thought I’d share a couple of resources from Cancer Research UK and Macmillan, just in case they’re helpful to you at all-

Life insurance and cancer | Cancer Research UK
Insurance and cancer | Macmillan Cancer Support
Types of insurance | Macmillan Cancer Support

I wonder whether it may be worth having a word with your insurer?

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Hi Tanya,
Thanks for sharing those links, I will definetly have a look.
I decided to be transparent with my insurance, I’m waiting for their answer now.
Thanks for your support

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