Mantle cell lymphoma newbie

Newbie finished chemotherapy December the 6th 2022 mantle cell lymphoma 9 treatments …now to receive the R in R-chop every 8 weeks for 2 years been told it will affect my immune system and no other prevention bit scared of covid … was going to bring my 10 year old granddaughter up but she will bring everything in from school am frustrated


Firstly welcome @lesleerose to the forum

Like many others on here who are very anxious about their immune system and rightly so, especially while either on treatment or finishing a course.

Every time I look out the window or at work or going about my daily duties in public, spreading virus’, illnesses, and all other things seems to be at the back of everyone’s minds and priority yet for us, ourselves and looking out for our health 24/7 is paramount.

You’re totally right in that children more so but adults can be oblivious to what they bring to our table but it’s also important not to turn away a meal that makes you happy and gives you a lift to make all the pain and struggle all worth it.

There is definitely a compromise and you don’t need to find that yourself. Communication without guilt of your concerns is so important not just between you and the people around you but speaking to your medical team for their opinion and advice to give you peace and mind and cease responsibility of making certain choices.

I personally advise speaking to your medical team and/ or give our support line a ring (they are amazing) to help come to a solution so you can have your cake and be able to eat it as safely as possible. Everyone’s opinion and idea will always be different and at times conflicting but hopefully it helps you find a choice that best works for you.


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Hi and a great big welcome to our forum @lesleerose.
@Rammie18 has given you a brilliant response.
Yes, no matter what our blood cancer, many of us have compromised immune systems on here and this is a question we juggle with every day.
Perhaps this is a question for your medical team who have said that your treatment will affect your immune system.
However the decision is yours and as @Rammie18 says you have to balance your personal circumstances, emotional boost and medical risk.
Unfortunately youngsters are more likely to bring bugs with them, it is not their fault it is their lifestyle.
How responsible are your offspring and 10 yr old granddaughter if you said that you would love her to come but that you are having this treatment etc. and if she does these are your boundaries etc.
I know it is certainly not the same but do/can you see her on the wonders of Zoom etc.
The decision is ultimately what you are most comfortable with.
I look forward to hearing more about you and what you decide.
Look after yourself.

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