Post mantle cell lymphoma still tired

Hi can anyone help I had mantle cell lymphoma had my last chemotherapy on December the 5th 2022 now receiving a therapy every 8 weeks called rituxan for the next 2 years had 2 next is in April… I seem to be at my worst in the morning improving as the day goes on … I have very painful legs and body can’t seem to go for even a small walk also very breathless and climbing stared I honestly can hardly breathe … does anyone know if this improves
Thank you


Hi @lesleerose sorry to hear about your symptoms.
Have you spoken to your contact on your medical team and told them about your symptoms, their severity and the impact on your daily life?
Look after yourself and be very kind to yourself.


Yes I did Erica but it was a doctor over the phone I didn’t know … I contacted my own GP they were brilliant took all my vitals and checked my bloods to see the haematology doctor in may … think I just have to be patient
Thank you


Morning @lesleerose
Most side effects slowly go ease over time , but for me certainly the benefits of chemotherapy and two years of rituximbab certainly outweigh any alternative. But it is over a year since I finished my last ritux.
Aching bones is my main issue, breathing was sometimes a problem but has eased.
I would perhaps keep a diary of when your symptoms occur so you can raise it with your team, is it worse better immediately after you have your ritux or all the time ?
Do let us know how you are feeling and keep in touch .


Hi @lesleerose a warm welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing these pains and the breathlessness. As Erica has said, we’d really encourage you to mentioned these to your clinical team. It’s good to hear you’ve got an appointment in May, but don’t be afraid to mention these to your clinical nurse specialist before then by giving them a call as it’s important they’re aware of what you’re experiencing. Do you have a key contact within your team?