Mithridate trial

Hi. Since starting on the trial in April I have found an annoying symptom of what feels like a constantly burnt tongue. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Good to hear from you @Sam157 again.
I hope others can help you.
What do your medical trial team say?
How does this affect you eating and drinking?
Look after yourself

Hi @Sam157 I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing a troublesome symptom. I know @Erica has already asked this, but have you mentioned it to your team?
If you haven’t mentioned it to your team, as I’m sure you’re aware as you’re on a trial, it’s important that they know so they can pop it in your records, but also it’s worth getting checked out in case it’s something that is treatable and totally unrelated to the trial.


Thanks both! I’ve emailed them this evening on your advice. It’s not stopping me eating or drinking. If only if did! My appetite is going strong unfortunately. It’s just unpleasant and annoying.

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Please let us know what they say @Sam157. Take care X

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