Mouth ulcers and catch up

I have not been on for a while. I have had a lot of problems with mouth ulcers and until recently I was able to treat them with a salt water mouth rinse. Last week I had to ring the haematology day ward as I had quite a few with a particularly nasty one on my tongue which was making it very difficult to eat or drink. For anyone who gets mouth ulcers they have a protocol for treating them . It involves two mouth washes , one of which they get your chemist to make up. Some of the ulcers cleared up quickly, but as I was still getting new ones I mentioned it at the day ward yesterday. The outcome is they are taking me off hydroxycarbamide and I am on antivirals. I have to return in a week to check on bloods and in a week and a half to see the consultant to discuss options. I am guessing it will be inteferon but will know more when I see the consultant. Just a note the cancer nurses told me to check my temperature and it shouldn’t go below 36 , I wasn’t aware of that so maybe some of you also didn’t know.


Hi @Liz59 thanks for the update, I am so glad that you contacted your haematology day ward, it sounds as if it was really worth it.
Please do let us know what your consultant says.
Look after yourself and I have always had a temperature of about 36, interesting.
Look after yourself.

Erica thank you for your kindness as always. I have discovered my body temp seems to be between 35.7 and 36.6 so now I know when its up or down. Forgot to say one of the mouthwashes prescribed by the hospital has lidocaine in it so it makes it much easier to eat and drink. I lost a couple of pounds which isn’t much but made me realise how much I had reduced my food and drink intake. No worries with all the easter chocolate I am sure I will put it back on easily. Also I got a call from my GP I have been on medication for underacrive thyroid for years now, from time to time I have had high calcium levels but now my PTH (parathyroid hormone) is also high , so I am being referred to an endocrinologist. I know that you Erica were waiting for appointments and tests. Are you still waiting? I hope you are ok.

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Hi @Liz59 thanks for the update.
When I had a load of teeth out I found that tinned custard and ice cream went down well, and your medical team can probably suggest supplements.
Obviously liquid intake is important.
I was on medication for an underactive thyroid on and off till I was 21yrs old and my sister was born with an underactive thyroid and has always been on medication.
No updates medical wise here but I did receive 6 NHS letters in 3 days this week.
I am doing OK, thanks for asking.
Look after yourself and thinking of you, Easter eggs sound a good idea to me xx

Erica at least the letters are arriving, some progress at least.

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