New research into CLL

Just sharing this link regarding important new research into treatment of Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). I was very honoured to be asked by Leukaemia UK to share my story as part of the article to raise awareness


Thanks so much, I enjoyed that read :slight_smile: What a coincidence, I was going to share an article I found on forest therapy boosting natural killer cells. The Japanese poetically call it “forest bathing”, like a nice long soak in nature. Is that the lines of your doctor’s research, or more like lab-developed natural killer cells?

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I think this is research into lymph nodes and cancer killer cells. It sounds very promising. I’m trying to share the heck out of it along with my story in the hope of it reaching someone who needs this information. Do you have Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) ? I would love to read the article you were speaking of so please share


It does sound promising and I will follow that doc’s work. I have Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), just diagnosed in January at age 48. I asked for a blood test convinced my fatigue was from a thyroid problem…
Here are two articles on forest bathing and natural killer cells: Health effects of a forest environment on natural killer cells in humans: an observational pilot study - PMC
Forest bathing enhances human natural killer activity and expression of anti-cancer proteins - PubMed

Very interesting ! Hope you are doing ok just getting your head around it I guess ? Are you on a watch and wait or needing treatment?

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Sorry, @KayC only saw your reply now! I am doing relatively ok and am watch and wait, no “conventional” treatment but I am taking supplements to boost immunity on a reputable naturopath’s advice. I had a lot of colds and coughs this winter, hopefully that won’t be recurring. But other members of my family also had bad, persistent coughs so it may be the strain this year. :slight_smile:

Can I ask which supplements you are taking? I have been taking ginger and turmeric shots and A/Z vitamins

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Turmeric, black cumin oil (knew about those ones), and finely ground boswellia aka frankincense (didn’t know about that one!). He also prescribed a short course of homeopathic injections but I believe those are much more individualized (and controversial, I know :slight_smile:): mine are intended to support the mucus membranes, liver (edited after double-checking), and overall enzyme activity.

Thanks for that sounds interesting and anything is worth a try

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