Nurses appreciation post - tell us about your nurses


I work as the Clinical Engagement Manager at Blood Cancer UK. I work closely with healthcare professionals to gain their insight to guide our work so that we can better support people affected by blood cancer.

National Cancer Nurse Day is coming up and we want to share appreciation for the work they do in supporting people affected by blood cancer.

Share your experiences below and let nurses know how they helped you and your family.

**please note that responses will be anonymised and may be used on our social media platforms (if you wish for your response not to be shared, please mention it in your comment).

If you would rather share your experience privately, please email it to

Thank you!


Hi @KhadijhaBloodCancerU I feel guilty just using these 2 examples as I have always found all nurses so caring giving but:

I had a major op on my head, with a skin graft from my leg in 2016 and it was under local anaesthetic.
During the op a nurse asked me if I would like a heated blanket, it was heaven and so cosy and a little act of thoughtfulness and kindness that I have never forgotten.

My GP nurses have been redressing my head since Oct following another op, Initially it was daily now we are down to twice weekly. The 3 nurses have been so welcoming, caring and trying not to hurt me or pull out too much of my hair. They are all wonderful and work as a true team.

Writing this post has brought a tear to my eye.


My specialist nurse Sarah has been there by my side since i was diagnosed last april with myelofibrosis…she understood exactly how i was feeling and supported me through the worst time and still does shes just a.pho e call away and when i do a hopital visit to clinic she always finds time in her busy day to chat to me with advice shes absolutely wonderful


@Erica & @Suzyq thank you both for sharing.

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During my chemo for Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) the nurses were excellent. The doctor and nurse who did my recent skin biopsy were also excellent. All a credit to the hospital and NHS