Pain in PICC line arm


I have had my PICC line now for 6 months, my whole arm has now started hurting from my shoulder to my wrist but particularly in my upper arm. It’s like a deep dull ache, almost feels like bone pain. They gave checked me for a blood clot, which whilst I already had a blood clot given to me by the line this scan did not show any new ones. My nurses have said it doesn’t look like infection and could be muscular.

Has anybody had something similar? I’m probably just beiing paranoid but I’d really like to make sure it’s not something untoward.

Thanks for any help!!

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Hi @nbk112, it does not sound as if you are being paranoid to be, I would suggest if you feel there is something wrong it is worth persisting and if it gets any worse then perhaps definitely persist, much worse ring 111. You mention nurses but have you got a CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) or perhaps GP or Consultant. Please let us know how you get on and can others help more?

Good advice from @Erica. I only had a PICC for a few weeks for my transplant and didn’t experience pain but did develop an infection whilst in hospital which they suspected had entered me through the PICC so definitely get it checked out. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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