PCR tests and an email address at NHS England

I think I may be about to faint with shock! NHS England have finally agreed to send me a priority PCR kit. I’ve lost count of how many eMails I’ve sent!!!

But here’s the reply and the email I received it from for anyone else still missing one.


Thank you for your further email Dr Warnock. I can confirm that as per the previous response to you, we are currently liaising with complaints team colleagues to ensure we are responding to you in the correct way given your request to raise your queries and comments as a formal complaint against NHS England.

In the meantime we are awaiting NHS Digital’s response on whether you can currently be identified through the digital cohorting process (further details of which were provided to you in a previous email).

We have also asked for a priority PCR test kit to be sent out to you, to be kept at home to be used if you experience COVID symptoms. In the meantime do contact your GP, NHS 111 or your hospital specialist if you are concerned or if you test positive for COVID but have not been contacted by the NHS within 24 hours to discuss potential treatment options.

Single Point of Contact - Covid-19 Therapeutics Cell
NHSE/I Specialised Commissioning
Operating hours 08:00-18:00


Well, @Adrian your persistence has really paid dividends, although you should not have had to.
I like the single point link !!!
Take care of yourself and look out for Mr Postie.

Great news!!! Well done you!

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That sounds really good, Thank you for this information,
I will also contact them, to see if I can “currently be identified through the digital cohorting process”

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Thanks so much for that, @Adrian. I have just emailed them myself. I didn’t receive my PCR test, and although I do have an arrangement with my consultant to get one should I test positive with a LF test, my worry is, if I have been missed out here, what else will I miss out on in the future, if the error isn’t corrected? So this is great. Many thanks.


Good to hear Adrian and thanks for sharing on here! As you’ll all likely know, – a positive lateral flow test is all that is needed before calling 111, your GP or your consultant to ask for an urgent referral by a CMDU. Therefore, whilst having a priority PCR test to hand is understandably a reassurance to people, not having this will not be a blocker to you receiving an assessment by a CMDU.

If someone tests positive for covid and aren’t able to speak to anyone (the CMDU team, their hospital team, their GP or NHS 111), people are encouraged to email their details to england.contactus@nhs.net so they can get the right CMDU to get in touch. We have more information about this on our webpage here - Antibody and antiviral treatments for people with blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK


I think it’s also good that we can make sure our records are correct, because, although we might have cracked it for the antivirals, and have cracked it for the 3rd and 4th jab,
it’s bee an uphill struggle, doing them one at a time,
If we had the right coding, then we may not have to have to have the struggle, for the next things that come along.
my bet is the next thing is … continuing free lateral flow tests for the immunosuppressed.


Oh yes @heatherthomas that battle is definitely coming soon…