Persistent virus

Hello all, I am looking for information regarding longstanding Coughs (Virus) I have had five courses of Anti Biotics since November 2022. Two were for wound infection, three for viral coughs.

I have had these coughs on and off all winter. My recent bouts started 4 weeks ago, and I am finding it difficult to clear them. I have also had excessive sweating, but I am feeling better than I did.

My GP has sounded me out twice in the past four weeks, and tells me that I have a viral infection as opposed to a bacterial one. However because of the threat of Pneumonia she gave me a dose of Antibiotics which I finished a week ago.

I had an X Ray two days ago and await the results, which I am told will be about 6 weeks. Has anyone had similar experience, or able to clarify matters for me. Regards Ron

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Gosh @Vindicatrix you have really been going through it over the last 6 mths haven’t you, you must be worn out and fed up by it, I would be.
I have not had anything like it but perhaps others have.
It sounds as if your GP is trying to get to the bottom of it.
Unfortunately I find it does take me a long time to get over things, it also takes me a long time to build myself back up.
Look after yourself and please let us know your results when you get them, don’t some results take ages.

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Dear Ron,
Really sorry to hear that you have had such a tough time with your infections? May I ask whether you have spoken to your Haematology team about these infections? I wonder whether they could expedite the X-ray results as well? It does seem like a very long time to wait and as you have had more than one infection it would seem wise to review as soon as possible.
We would be happy to talk things through with you if needed, I would suggest speaking to Haematology, do you have a specialist nurse you could call?
Kind regards


Thanks Gemma, I see a private Haemo man, on a four monthly basis. I last saw him in February, he was aware of my earlier infections, but not my recent ones. He checked my bloods and felt my stomach and back, and seemed to be happy.

I see him again on 26th June. In view of your advice, I will try and e mail him with an update, although he is not the easiest person to get hold off.

Thanks again, I so appreciate your input. Regards Ron.


Hi Ron,
I think the six weeks will be for routine non urgent xrays and I expect you will get your results sooner. I had a chest Xray last year and was told 6 weeks by the radiographer but the results were back in 2.

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Erica, thanks you for your kind words of support, they are much appreciated. I hope your own health is manageable at the moment. Good days/bad, seems to be the story of our lives., but we will endure, I’m sure. All the best. Ron.

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Thanks for the information Helen, hopefully I will be told sooner, than later. Hope you are enjoying decent health at the moment. All the best. Ron

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Hi Gemma, my Haematologist e mailed me the other day, and is arranging an earlier meeting with him. My X Ray indicates that I should have a Cat Scan, as all was not as clear as it could be. My Haemo man concurs, and said scan, awaits. I see him on 22nd May.

My GP has also ordered a new set of bloods for me to take with me on 22nd May, she has also included other Blood Tests which I am told may show the severity of any Infection I am now experiencing. My cough is still there, but I tend to supress it, and suck a lozenge, which seems to decrease Coughing in general.

Like many other Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)’rs I suffer from extreme anxiety, and have done so, on and off for most of my life. Having Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) obviously does not help.

I have found that it is a fine balance between genuine and legitimate health concerns, and just good old fashioned moaning, which us ‘Men’ are particularly good at.

Personally, I would always err on the side of caution and keep moaning (Politely and Assertively) until you are satisfied with results.

The obvious ‘Downside’ to this is, of course, is the ‘Cry Wolf’ syndrome, but I’ve decided to take my chances, and hope that the old ‘Wolf’ stays away from my door for some time yet.

Thanks again for your interest and concern, I cannot emphasise enough the value it has to most of us, I suspect.

Take care



Dear @Vindicatrix
Erring on the side of caution is what I would recommend for a Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) patient as whilst there is not always a risk from acute infections, chronic infections can drag you down and exhaust you. Along side this, the aim is for you to fell well for the majority of the time so early management is key.
Really happy to support you when you need and wishing you better.
Take care


Thank you for those kind and reassuring words Gemma, they mean a lot to us all.

I saw my Haemo man last night and he gave me a very thorough feel all over, and checked my lungs etc. I had a recent FBC to show him as well as extra tests re Inflammation, they show that the infection has cleared but I am as normal seemingly, left with 'Inflammatory issues which normally last 6-8 week for us Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)’ers .
My Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) as such is progressing in a way that he would expect at this stage in my own Watch and Wait. He is getting me a Cat Scan to clarify the growth progression of my Lymph Nodes.

He did explain that the Blood tests show that the Infection has cleared, however Inflammatory’ issues will continue. I am led to believe that this is normal and will clear in time 6-8 weeks or so for Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)’ers.

If the cough and sweats do not clear up or get worse, I have to see my GP, re further consideration, and possibly another does Anti Biotics’.

He has ordered CT Scan, due to an unclear X Ray, and will see me to discuss results, on 26th June.

I am very lucky with both my GP and Haematologist, who answered all of my (Many) questions pleasantly and in a way I could easily understand. (Oh! that there were more like him).

Thanks again for all your help, Kind regards Ron.


Oh @Vindicatrix doesn’t it make a difference to have a rapport with your GP and Haematologist. I think it also says something about you as well. I am so glad that you have had all your ‘many’ questions answered pleasantly and in a way that you could understand, wow
You also have your follow up appointment for the 26th June, so you know what the next step is.
Please keep posting and look after yourself.

Thanks Erica, it’s always nice to be reassured by people you trust. I hope your own situation is manageable at the moment.

Regards Ron

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