Plasmablastic Lymphoma treatment options

Hi, My name is Reza, my brother was just informed yesterday that he has Plasmablastic Lymphoma. They had a scan almost 3 weeks ago and it has NOT spread to any other organs (thank god), however, they are doing spinal and brain fluid tests again next week before they start chemo. My question is, are there other options, specialists, or any information anyone knows that could help us? We live in America and we know in Europe they may have other medications or proceeders that are not available in America. I appreciate any guidance or information.


Hi @Reza Welcome and obviously you are very concerned about your brother, that is natural.
As you realise we are a UK blood cancer site and diagnosis, the way of treating and available treatments might be different in our 2 countries.
I was diagnosed with another blood cancer and at the same time a friend in California was diagnosed with the same blood cancer as me and started treatment immediately. That was 20 years ago and she is now in her 90’s and I have never had treatment.
I believe medical people take more into account when deciding the way forward and we all have unique medical histories.
Perhaps you and your brother write down all your fears, questions and practicalities for his next appointment,
Ask about other specialists, and treatment options
Look after yourselves and really take care of yourselves

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