Are people generally aware that they can get pneumonia jab top ups every five years if they have a blood disorder.
I didn’t until a friend in the south west asked whether I had mine. She was alerted by her surgery.
First of all I was told by my Essex surgery my condition didn’t warrant it. I questioned this and was told by return that It did! So all done and dusted!
There are other conditions too which qualify people.
The NHS doesn’t seem to be publicising this.


Hi @patmroberts. I was aware of this but thought it was a one off jab. Is it every five years @BloodCancerUK_Nurses?
Glad you got yours sorted and hope you are keeping well x

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Thank you @patmroberts for sharing this. My excellent GP brought this to my attention in 2008 and I have been having five yearly pneumonia jabs ever since. In fact I booked mine today as it’s due again in September. I have found that it is worth keeping track of this yourself because I have never received a reminder. I just keep a note of when the next one is due. Warm wishes Willow x


Hi @patmroberts, thank you for raising this, and I do hope you’re doing okay. In case it’s useful at all we have information on our website about vaccinations for people living with blood cancer- Blood cancer and staying safe | | Blood Cancer UK. With regards to the pneumonia vaccine, it says here- “Most people who need the pneumonia vaccine only need a single, one-off vaccination. But you may need a booster dose every 5 years if your spleen does not work properly. Ask your healthcare team if this applies to you.”

We do hope this helps but please do let us know if you’d like to talk anything over (Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK).

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Thanks @TanyaBloodCancerUK. That’s really useful information :blush:


Thanks @patmroberts and @TanyaBloodCancerUK for the information and clarification, funnily enough I had a top up last year whilst the GP nurses had me in their clutches.
Thanks again and take lots of care


I been trying to get the pneumoniacocccal for a while. My ENT man said I could get it at my local GP surgery.

I live in Scotland and have been told that I have to apply for it online, at the Vaccine Centre.

Anyone got any views on this matter.

All the best Ron



I had to have my vaccine through my GP surgery, but I am in England @Vindicatrix.
All the best to you too.

Hi @Vindicatrix, thank you for raising this. There’s information on the NHS Inform website about the pneumococcal vaccine- Pneumococcal vaccine - Immunisations in Scotland | NHS inform.
Here, it says:
" How do I get my pneumococcal vaccination?

You do not need to arrange your appointment. You’ll be contacted by your local health board when you’re eligible to be immunised. They’ll tell you:

  • the date and time of your appointment
  • where your appointment will be

They’ll contact you by sending an invitation to your home address. This is the address that is registered with your GP.

You can be invited for the vaccine at any time of the year.

If you’re unsure about anything, or have any questions about the pneumococcal vaccine, contact:

I wonder if it’s worth contacting your local health board? I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info, my GP said I have to go online and order it from the Vaccine Centre. The GP and Nurses do not do it anymore, as its been taken away from them.

Does anyone know different, for Scotland.

Thanks. Ron


Hi @Vindicatrix, thanks for sharing- we’ve fed your experience back to our Policy team (Anonymously). We’ll get back to you if we hear anything. You may wish to consider contacting the NHS Inform helpline on 0800 22 44 88. Hope that helps for now.
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Thanks Tanya I will do that on Monday when they open again. For those of not online, there must be an alternative, way, surely, forgetting this vaccine.

Thanks again for he info.

Regards Ron