Review Article about Venetoclax

There is no doubt to me that Venetoclax is a very exciting development for us in several different blood cancer. Just this month a very helpful and quite detailed review article has been released, I thought I would share a link here.

It is well worth a look whether you are in watch and wait, remission, or coming up for treatment. Venetoclax is available for all patients with CLL in the USA and mostly second line and beyond in the UK and Europe. It also has potential in some other blood cancers.

One of the many aspects of this review is it lists the studies and as you can see there are quite a few now for Venetoclax in CLL and some of them are beginning to be reasonably long. It may well be that this drug, particularly if used in combination, could turn out to be actually curative for some of us.

If anyone has questions about this study this might be a good place to share them and I will even do my best to answer them!


--------------Venetoclax Studies ------------

NCT02141282Coutre S.2Relapsed/refractory CLL14 months (1–29)

NCT02141282Jones J.2Relapsed/refractory CLL14 months (8–18)

NCT01889186Stilgenbauer S.2Relapsed/refractory CLL12.1 months (10.1–14)

NCT01328626Roberts A.1Relapsed/refractory CLL17 months (1–44)

NCT01682616Seymur J.1bRelapsed/refractory CLL28 months (19–32)

NCT02427451Rogers K.1bRelapsed/refractory CLL24.4 months

NCT01685892Flinn I.1bCLL29.3 months (1–29)

NCT02401503Cramer2CLL16 months (15–18)

NCT02005471Kater A.3Relapsed/refractory CLL9.9 months (1.4–22.5)

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Thanks @Adrian I really appreciate you taking the time to highlight all these exciting developments with Venetoclax, take care.

Thanks for sharing @Adrian this is really interesting, as you know one of the arms of the FLAIR trial is looking at the role of venetoclax as first line treatment in combination with ibrutinib, so it will be very interesting to see what the results are and what impact that has on treatment options moving forwards.

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There are several trials being done at the moment involving Venetoclax at the moment for various blood cancers. Important for people to speak to their treating team / consultants for advice etc to make sure they get accurate and up to date information. Blood cancers are complex, no two patients the same and drugs are licensed for certain treatments only until they are approved. The Blood Cancer UK helpline is always up to date and their website always publishes articles from their head of research when there are updates