SMZL &the lack of knowledge of this lymphoma type

SMZL &the lack of knowledge of this lymphoma type - Continuing the discussion from Sheilding letter:

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Hi @Thelimes, I cannot help you but at the top of the page is the Blood Cancer UK wonderful support line who might be able to be of more help. Please do continue to read the posts though as what I have realised is that we often share similar fears, thoughts, feelings and practicalities. How are things for you?

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Hi @Thelimes and @Erica

It’s so lovely to hear from you both, I hope you’re well?

@Thelimes please do feel free to talk through any questions you have or anything on your mind on here,

I thought in the meantime you might find this link helpful:
It’s from the charity, Lymphoma Action, and it talks through various aspects around splenic marginal zone lymphoma, including; an introduction to what the condition is, which maybe a really helpful starting point. Hope this helps?

As said above, please do remember, both the support services team and the blood cancer forum community are here, whenever you would like to talk anything through @Thelimes


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