Apart from Blood Cancer Uk, where does everyone get their statistics from now that ONS Survey is postponed?

Sounds crazy, but I feel as if I should ask a medical professional or ring support line asking is it safe for me to go out(of course would not do this to support line!) or ask friends to take a lateral flow test on arrival if I invite them to my house?

As for calling my GP lets just say I don’t think they will be getting a Christmas Card of me this year… and I am reluctant to contact them given recent attitudes.


The Zoe health study app gives some data mostly local, I don’t know if that will help.
I cannot remember where I heard it last week but it said 1 in 40 currently have Covid.
Others may be able to help more.
Look after yourself


Thanks very much for your reply


Also can you post me the link please


I do my own risk assessments
I don’t have anyone inside my house unless for essential work and the workmen have agreed to wear masks and wipe as they go (boiler guys were fantastic)
I ask my friends not to call if they are sick even though they sit outside and I talk through the window to them.

I’m in the process of getting a safe working space just waiting on Access to Work to see if they will provide a side screen.

Covid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the famous last word of some haematology consultants is… learn to live with covid and that’s ok for general population so on that basis I will keep my health safe in my own hands
Prevention is better than cure

I’m at high risk due to maintenance chemo to everything not just covid.

My advice self risk assess and if you’re not comfortable don’t do it. Those that care will be happy to test stay away if sick those that don’t well bye bye

The Zoe App is good although my area doesn’t have enough testers so no data at present

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Hi @anon06 I hope this helps
Latest Daily UK COVID-19 Data: Vaccines, Cases, Trends | ZOE (