COVID 19 Study App

I just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the COVID 19 study app.
It is plotting the spread of Covid and symptoms
You just have to log in each day end enter if you have any symptoms or not.

Have a look at their website

This text below was taken from their website.

The COVID Symptom Study app has been developed by health science company ZOE. It is endorsed by the Welsh Government, NHS Wales , the Scottish Government & NHS Scotland. Data collected is shared with and analysed by King’s College London & ZOE research teams.

They are holding an ‘ask the expert’ webinar on 25th November at 4pm GMT via zoom and their YouTube channel regarding the vaccines.

Professor Tim Spector, OBE
Professor Peter Openshaw, Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London

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Thanks @AnnD, I was so engrossed on the forum that I hadn’t checked in on this Covid study site this morning. It takes no time at all to report every morning and also gives stats for your local area.
Is anyone else on this site?

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Sounds good @AnnD. I’m going to go and have a look.

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I don’t use apps as I’m a peasant and like to keep my life technologically simple :slight_smile:

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I have just listened to the ‘ask the experts’ session they had on YouTube and zoom. It’s still available to view on YouTube just search ZOE

I have to say I am now very worried about the Oxford vaccine.
They kept saying it was a ‘live’ vaccine, I believe it has been modified and come from a cold virus in chimpanzees! Apparently it’s not supposed to be harmful to humans.

I’ve always been told that if you have a compromised immune system you can’t have live vaccines.
If we are not going to get a choice in which vaccine we have… where do we stand?

Need my mind putting to rest.
I really would like to know how these vaccines are going to affect blood cancer patients, is it going to be safe for us?

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Hi @AnnD, there is an article on the vaccines on the front page of the Blood Cancer UK website.

Thanks Erica, just read it.

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