Tiredness post transplant

I am 2 years post transplant and still struggling with extreme tiredness. I am in remission but is this normal?


Hi @Vjw welcome to posting on our forum.
You ask a good question and I hope others can share their experiences.
However perhaps it is a question for your medical team as they know your whole medical history.
I attach the Blood Cancer UK information on fatigue in case that helps
Blood cancer and fatigue | Blood Cancer UK
Look after yourself, let us know what they say and please do keep posting.


I am now 3 days short of my 3 year anniversary (22-02-21) can believe how time has flown by.
I struggle still with bouts of tiredness and fatigue. The hard part for me has been the fact there is no logic or reason for it and it just happens all of a sudden, and is so frustrated when you are an active person.
Take today, got up exercised, got ready went to family for a birthday, did a few light jobs at home and then had to have a rest on the bed for 1hr then feel asleep in the chair in the lounge for another hour when I came down.
What I have learnt is you need to try to eat healthily, regularly, drink lots of water and take rest when you body says no. I used to push on but it just makes it worse so you have to just rest.
Hope this helps


Hi @Vjw

What blood cancer do you have?

I’m two transplants in over 7 years and fatigue is something that hasn’t gone away for me.
Some days are better than others
On the good days I get the big things done
Today I’m feeling so tired that I have just done gentle things and resting up between times

I have myeloma although I’m in a very good partial response and fatigue is part myeloma
Along with that our bodies have undergone chemo and major trauma having a transplant.

No amount of sleep helps with fatigue
Be kind to yourself listen to your body

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Great to hear from you @Cannon and your experiences are so helpful which is what our forum is all about.
Yes, listen to your body sounds good to me.
Look after yourself


Hi @Cannon and @Vjw. Fatigue can be just awful can’t it.
I’m glad you both are able to share experiences with other forum members. It’s always good to talk to somebody who understands.
And I agree - listen to your body. Sometimes we push ourselves too much :blush: