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I have stage 4 follicular lymphoma. I am in remission but will I ever stop being tired and sluggish? It’s frustrating that I never feel good…


Oh @Tee, a very difficult question and others might be able to share their experiences, but perhaps it is one for your medical team as you are a very unique person with an individual medical history and make up.
I have another blood cancer, but also have fatigue.
I have found getting to know myself and how I ‘tick’ has helped, I can adapt how I live my life.
Sometimes I need a nap, sometimes I need some fresh air and appropriate exercise.
I don’t deal with what personally stresses me well, overdoing it medically, emotionally, psychologically, physically and practicality.
I attach the Blood cancer UK details on fatigue.
Blood cancer and fatigue | Blood Cancer UK
The main thing is that you really look after yourself and please keep posting as I look forward to hearing more about.


Hi there
I’m 7 years into my myeloma journey and fatigue is part of it.
I just accept rather than fight it as that’s tiring in itself.
I try to exercise daily usually around my house as I’m still shielding
I try to avoid too much sugar as I find that makes me tired
Then when my body says enough is enough I rest for that day.
I can changed my bed and I’m exhausted so I do it a bit at a time
Like washing up etc

Be kind to yourself your body has been through a lot.

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Hi @Tee and welcome to the forum.
I can see that @Erica has already given a great reply.
Fatigue can be so difficult can’t it and I really wish I had the answer.
Lots of things work for different people and I’m sure you will get lots of people sharing their experiences.
Have your medical team offered any advice?

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