Travel Insurance for those with active cancer

I am desperately trying to find where to get travel insurance as I keep getting booted out when I complete the forms correctly & honestly about my condition.
I have MALT lymphoma & have recently completed 8 round of R-CVP & currently undergoing b-cell protein inhibitor therapy. I don’t need insurance to cover anything to do with the cancer but to ensure that if we have a general accident or I get Covid I can quickly get the antiviral. We’re only going to France but what a struggle it is.

Any thoughts as to which companies to approach or whom won’t charge the same price as the holiday itself would be welcome.

Thank you, Victoria

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Hi @VjV a great big welcome to our forum. This question has been raised before and I will copy this post to Blood Cancer UK to see if they can link it for you @BloodCancerUK .
I look forward to hearing more about you and look after yourself.

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Most appreciated. I have tried running a search to see if there were any previous posts but didn’t have much luck. Fingers crossed they will be able to link me. :relaxed:


Hi try insurancewith.

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Thank you. I’ve decided to exclude all insurance in relation to my cancer as for 2 weeks going to family in France it was costing just under £300. I was wanting it mainly to ensure if in the unfortunate event I get Covid & need the antiviral then I could get it. Having spent lots of time researching I should be able to access it using my UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) as my consultant has said that France & Holland are apparently very good at providing antiviral & cancer care treatment.

If I was going further afield to unknown places then I wouldn’t hesitate to take out extra cover.
For this trip I will just take out general standard insurance along with my family but exclude anything that is deemed necessary as a result of my cancer.

Thank you for responding & I hope my research & decision helps others if planing a trip like mine.

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Hi @VjV Yes insurancewith has been mentioned before, thanks @Muzza
Have a brilliant time in France, look after yourself

Hi@VjV I use Allclear and they cover me for everything

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Thank you. I shall remember to check them out if we end up properly travelling other than to family.

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Hi @VjV

I used Boots when I went to the US four years ago. They covered me when every other company refused to. It was actually quite affordable from memory too.

Hope you have a good trip.

All the best, Peter

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When it comes to travel insurance for individuals with active cancer, it’s important to find comprehensive coverage that meets specific needs. While I don’t have the ability to browse the internet or provide real-time information, I recommend reaching out to reputable insurance providers or specialized travel insurance companies to inquire about options tailored for individuals with active cancer. Additionally, if you require reliable transportation services within the United Kingdom, ATOB Transfer offers convenient options. You can learn more about their services at

Hi @ShadowWalker a great big welcome to our forum and thanks for for your thoughts of travel insurance.
Blood Cancer UK are working with Staysure insurance Blood cancer travel insurance with Staysure | Blood Cancer UK so perhaps that is another company to consider.
I look forward to hearing more about you and what is going on for you.
Look after yourself