Travel Insurance for those with active cancer

I am desperately trying to find where to get travel insurance as I keep getting booted out when I complete the forms correctly & honestly about my condition.
I have MALT lymphoma & have recently completed 8 round of R-CVP & currently undergoing b-cell protein inhibitor therapy. I don’t need insurance to cover anything to do with the cancer but to ensure that if we have a general accident or I get Covid I can quickly get the antiviral. We’re only going to France but what a struggle it is.

Any thoughts as to which companies to approach or whom won’t charge the same price as the holiday itself would be welcome.

Thank you, Victoria

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Hi @VjV a great big welcome to our forum. This question has been raised before and I will copy this post to Blood Cancer UK to see if they can link it for you @BloodCancerUK .
I look forward to hearing more about you and look after yourself.

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Most appreciated. I have tried running a search to see if there were any previous posts but didn’t have much luck. Fingers crossed they will be able to link me. :relaxed:


Hi try insurancewith.

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Thank you. I’ve decided to exclude all insurance in relation to my cancer as for 2 weeks going to family in France it was costing just under £300. I was wanting it mainly to ensure if in the unfortunate event I get Covid & need the antiviral then I could get it. Having spent lots of time researching I should be able to access it using my UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) as my consultant has said that France & Holland are apparently very good at providing antiviral & cancer care treatment.

If I was going further afield to unknown places then I wouldn’t hesitate to take out extra cover.
For this trip I will just take out general standard insurance along with my family but exclude anything that is deemed necessary as a result of my cancer.

Thank you for responding & I hope my research & decision helps others if planing a trip like mine.

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Hi @VjV Yes insurancewith has been mentioned before, thanks @Muzza
Have a brilliant time in France, look after yourself

Hi@VjV I use Allclear and they cover me for everything

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Thank you. I shall remember to check them out if we end up properly travelling other than to family.

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