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Understanding blood test results

Forgive my reluctance to be less ‘private’!

Has anyone else read a Saturday Telegraph article today?
Good news eh?

I wonder if the treatment will, regrettably, be age limited like bone marrow replacement?
I’m over 70 - so that’s not feasible.

Does CancerUK have the clout to get Professor Weissman to explain who, among us, might benefit from this T-cell breakthrough?
And importantly - the time scales and what if he were to be funded tomorrow for reducing the, quote unquote ’lengthy preparatory work and cost.’

For those of us knowing our reduced life expectancy, it would be good to know if it’s a cause for optimism or not, unless of course one has £500k under the mattress!!

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Hi @Pragmatic, thanks for this article. I will copy your question to @Alice_BloodCancerUK and @Bav.BloodCancerUK