Understanding blood test results

Found a really good chart giving normal ranges for a very wide range of tests. These figures directly compare to the way my results are reported by the hospital.
Can’t do links, so enter “blood tests normal ranges” into your search engine and the results should give you “Haematology normal adult reference ranges” from the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital. Now at least I know how high or low or where in the normal range I am. Hope this is useful


Not difficult, @Lance. Here they are: Wolverhampton figures.

(Higlight the word/s you want to link and click on the button that looks like two links of a chain; then paste in the link [copied from the address in your browser].)

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Thank @Lance and @BobK99 briliant.


Sorry me again banging on about the NHS app.

If you give access and remind your GP to upload the results of your blood test, it not only tells you what your levels are obviously but the ranges of what’s normal as per on the Wolverhampton link, but also says if your levels are high or low in words.

Still need to google what all the words mean but it’s certainly enlighting my knowledge.

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So, so true, @Rammie18 !!!
How are you doing at the moment?


Lovely hearing from you as always… I wonder if your ears having been recently along with a few others on here @Alice_BloodCancerUK and co… as I’ve been speaking and trying to get more involved in the charity as I need to find something to get involved in… and if I can replicate even a fraction of what you guys have done in paying it forward then all the better.

I’m about 2 months into treatment and though I have no idea whether things are getting better or worse… I’ve been in a really good place and managing things really well. Still have no idea what the future holds or what paths are ahead but to quote Phil Collins… “I’m still standing!”

How are you? Hope you’re having a great summer and been looking after yourself and smiling :slight_smile:

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Ah @Rammie18 another music lover, there is another thread on this forum called the Friday Jukebox and each week someone chooses 2 random words and we all have to come up with a song connected, however tenuously, for each word. Mine often show my age !!!
@Rammie18 It would be so great if you got more involved with the charity, I am sure you would be a great asset, you give so much to others on our forum.
None of us knows what tomorrow will bring and on my early morning walks round our scenic local rec I always have my eclectic music playing and Beautiful Morning by Rod Stewart sums it up for me !!!
Yes, I have been looking after myself and I am certainly smiling having heard from you.
Look after yourself.

Thanks Bob. Will give it a try.

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Thanks rammie
I do have and use the the NHS app. Still waiting for full access. Why do I need to remind the GP to enter my blood tests?



The NHS app is something between you and your gp. If any tests have been coordinated by the hospital they won’t appear. A work around is wait a few days after results are expected then ring your surgery asking a gp to download the results and then upload it.

If the blood test is coordinated by your GP you won’t have to do anything and they should appear.

You can also see or download any letters sent between hospital and gp too.

Power of gdpr :slight_smile:

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Im so on this for next week :slight_smile:

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Hi @Rammie18 the Friday Jukebox is a continuous thread so it is always there to dip into.

I’m very nervous about using things like the app as I feel too much of my personal information and life is now online and I get bombarded by advertising and marketing (usually things about pensions, cancer and funerals!). I long for the good old days when everything was on paper and simpler :slight_smile:

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Oh well. The app won’t tell me much then as all my treatment and tests are handled by two hospitals and my local hospital have stopped sending me copies of reports and tests despite several requests for them.

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Surely your GP can access them… if they can you can via the app

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Do I need to request them every time. Having gone to the trouble to request full access to my medical records by attending in person and providing multiple ID I had assumed, silly I know, that it would be just that. Is it the case that my full medical record is not held by my GP.

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Yeah it’s really silly…

It’s like the hospital med team and gp med team are like two separate things and never speak unless you mediate.

My diagnosis is purely done at the hospital so anything cancer related I simply get in touch with my clinical nurse. For random and general illnesses or issues I have to go through my GP.

The NHS app only has access and records of things coordinated through your GP.

But all I do is ring my surgery and leave a message with them asking a gp to download my blood tests via hospital records and upload them so I can access them.

It’s just not done automatically.

If my GP ordered the blood test or results were to be sent to them it would automatically appear. But because my haemotologist requests the results it’s not.

Most surgeries, you can now email these kind of requests much like repeat prescription requests so then you’re not left on hold or in a queue waiting for 2hrs to get through for a 1 min conversation.

It’s quite sad. But today while waiting for the football to start I created a spreadsheet so whenever I get a set of results I can easily compare and see what’s going up or down and then factor what I maybe doing to cause it. Also gives me things to question my medical team to keep them on their toes so they are checking things thoroughly but also able to put my mind at ease

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My GP would do it for me but they have no idea when I’ve had a blood test or when it’s requested by my haemotologist

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So useful
David ( CMML)

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Hi @Pragmatic David with CMML, welcome to our forum, great that you have found our supportive forum. I am glad that you have already found something useful.
I would really like to hear more about you, if you feel comfortable with that.