Update on Myself

Hi there,

Not been on the forum for a few weeks.

Had the shock of my life 2 weeks ago. I was helping my wife prepare her worksheets for tutoring. When she left to go out, I decided to go back to my bed as I was feeling tired . By the time she came back, I was pale, sweating, temperature high. I did not want to admit defeat . My wife managed to get a thermometer and temperature was hitting 39.6 . I did not let her phone an ambulance but took it upon myself to phone 111. Yes, Ambulance was required so I was taken to the local A/E. I was admitted for 5 days. My CRP was hitting close on 300 which meant Sepsis. They also advised that I had Pneumonia. The amount of antibiotics that they gave me was stupendous but neccessary. I was discharged on Thursday so, I am doing nothing but resting. I did contact my CNS whilst in hospital and either he was confused or completely oblivious to what I was saying. I had discussed my bloods that showed my white blood cell hitting 18 and my lympocytes being low. He said the lymphocytes reading was incorrect. Lucky, my bloods are recovering slowly. It will take time but it was a shock to the system and a realisation that when my wife tells me I need an Ambulance to listen to her as if i left it longer, I might not have been here.


Oh, @Jbeaver12 what a shock, I just do not know what to say.
Yes, lesson learnt to listen to your wife, sometimes somebody near to you can see what we cannot.
I always have the thought that with a good nights sleep it will go away and I hate to make a fuss.
Yes, recuperation takes a lot longer that we hope for and expect, it sounds to me that you have been extremely ill and very lucky.
Really look after yourself and please do post how you are doing. xx

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