3 Year Remission

Today is my 3 year remission anniversary. My employers sent me a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, which was very thoughtful.

Hope all doing OK.

For the past few years, I’ve participated in Ride London to raise funds for BloodCancer UK, but I understand it’s cancelled this year. Hoping for a place on this years London Marathon instead.


Hi @dmquinlan, it’s good to hear from you, yes, I think 2021 will be a year of uncertainties.
How are you doing and are you able to go out to keep your fitness levels up?

Hi @Erica
I’m good thanks! Yes, able to keep up fitness. I have had a fixed trainer for my bike for a few years now, doing a few rides on Zwift platform during the week. I also got back into running towards end of November, running weekly, now up to standard 10k run - pretty much back at my “normal” time.

I need to get back into my yoga practice… I used to attend a weekly hot class in Hitchin, but hard to keep on top of everything I guess.

Strange times! Hope all on forum keeping well, physically & mentally! Hoping the vaccine roll out goes without too much hiccups!



Hi, David, your ‘normal’ sounds brilliant to me.
I am fast walking, I fractured (another) vertebrae when I tried running last year.
I am still doing my daily pilates DVD every day and I was really pleased to receive a set of weights for Christmas from my son and they were the right weights, subtle hints do work sometimes.
I forgot to say your employer is very thoughtful and I think something to celebrate.
I always celebrate my cancerversaries by having a nice meal and reflective day, unfortunately I had to cook it myself this year.
Does anyone else celebrate anniversaries?

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So thoughtful off your workplace! How are you feeling at the moment? It sounds like you have some really positive ways of getting through and keeping healthy.

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Yes, very thoughtful. I started working there 1st week of Jan last year, so didn’t make a deal of it with them at time. I only brought it up I think when it was world cancer day in February. My colleagues also sponsored the various fundraisers I did last year, the 26.2 (my wife and I did 26 Sun Salutations) and later in the summer, in place of the Ride London, I did 1000 miles on my bike in a month (my version of covering distance from Lands end to John O Groats) 1000 Miles for Blood Cancer UK Done!


Wow @dmquinlan i’m in awe. My fitness is terrible, more because I’m a slob than for any medical reason. However this year turns out there’ll still ways for you to use your bike to fundraise. Let us know what you do.


Congratulations! It’s one year for me and hoping for a few more.


Hi @Catcher, one year is great.
How are you doing and feeling?

Congratulations @Catcher hope you are feeling strong!


Will do! If I don’t get official place on any event, I’ll think of something!