6 Monthly Bloods

Hi There, I’m worried tonight. Went for my 6 month bloods in time for my next appointment with Haemetology . Got results with following scores

RBC 5.43
white blood cell 4.1
HGB 154

My bloods in May were

RBC 5.67
white blood cell 5.4
HGB 156
ANC 3.3

As you know,I am going through a lot of stress at work atm. My mood has went from high to low this evening.


Oh @Jbeaver12 I think my thoughts and emotions have been on high alert and all over the place since my diagnosis 19 yrs ago.
Co-incidentally I got my 6 mthly blood test results yesterday too.
Mine seemed to fluctuate.
Although I am not a medical person, and we certainly cannot interpret blood test results on here, I know I have not been well lately and if I am stressed that can also make a difference to mine too.
These are questions for your next appointment and you have time to write your questions down now.
If you had not had the opportunity to pick up your results yesterday your mood would still be high.
Sorry the stress continues at work.
Be kind to yourself

Hi @Jbeaver12
How are you today? I’m sorry to hear that you are worrying about your results? Can i ask when you have your follow up appointment?
Please do know that if it feels to far away- our support team are very much here for you- 0808 2080 888.

Take good care, Lauran

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Hi Lauran, my next appointment is on 30th Nov . Just feeling really down as I resigned from my job as I was fed up with all the rubbish in there . Stress was unbelieveable. I sent a text to my CNS so no doubt he will try and phone me on Monday. Can stress play havoc with your scores. I knew about the support line .

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Hi @Jbeaver12,
I hope you’re doing okay today? It sounds like you’ve been going through a lot so it is no wonder you felt something had to give.
Were you able to talk things through with your cns?

Take Care, Lauran

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