Accessing the Autumn Booster (6th Vaccine Dose)

has any one booked a 6th vacine yet


I don’t think the 6th one is available yet. I think they are starting to roll it out in a few weeks. Hopefully a bit more organised than the last roll out.


We can’t have the new vaccine, please see page 4.
The efficacy and safety of the vaccine has not been assessed in immunocompromised individuals, including those receiving immunosuppressant therapy. The efficacy of Spikevax bivalent Original / Omicron may be lower in immunocompromised individual.
Dated 12/8/2022.

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@GemmaBloodCancerUK please can you advise re Ted’s comment.

I was under the impression that no vaccines get specifically tested on the immunocompromised, but their testing on the general public prove that they are safe for all, including the immunocompromised.

It’s just the efficacy they cannot be certain of in the immunocompromised which is why they put that caveat statement that the vaccine may be less effective in the immunocompromised.

I certainlly intend to get my 6th vaccine as soon as it is offered. Please can you confirm this


@CaroleCW @Ted369

Hi @Ted369, it’s not the case that immunosuppressed individuals can’t have this vaccine. As @Carolecw explained, none of the approved covid vaccines were specifically tested on the immunocompromised, however their approval by the MHRA and subsequently by the JCVI has determined their safety for use for all, including the immunocompromised. Blood Cancer UK are continuing to fund research into vaccine effectiveness, of which you can read here - Covid vaccine efficacy and blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK. This webpage also talks through findings from such studies so far. This data does show that some people are more likely to respond to the vaccine than others, but it’s not possible to know exactly what your response has been. In this situation, it’s important to talk to your doctor and make your own decisions that feel comfortable for you.

We would strongly encourage people with blood cancer including those who are immunosuppressed, to receive their autumn booster dose, as although this vaccine, like the other UK approved covid vaccines, may not work as effectively in people with blood cancer, as it would in the general population, it may still provide some protection, and some protection is better than none. We’ve also seen from research studies that the number of people with blood cancer who have an antibody response to a covid vaccine increases the more doses they have, so we’d hope an additional dose would mean even more people in our community are protected.


I’m in Scotland and had an email today giving me an appointment for mid October. It wasn’t at a convenient location so I went online and found I could reschedule to somewhere nearer home and at the end of September. My husband didn’t get an email but he checked his status and found he also had an appointment for the same day which he also successfully rescheduled.

The flu jab will be done at the same time.


That’s good to hear @Juliet!

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After the 5th one,no thanks I was ill for3days,


A great big welcome @brick to our forum, sorry you had such a bad reaction to your 5th vaccine.
It might be worth checking on the day which vaccine it will be this time.
Look after yourself

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I am not keen to have the flu jab at the same time as covid booster. I hope i will be able to have them seperatly. I was ill when i had the flu and pneumonia together. No reaction to any of the 5 covid jabs. I had a typhoid vaccination last week. Not sure if i need to wait before i have flu or covid.

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Hi @ilivesunshine some good questions for your surgery there, please let us know what they say.
Look after yourself

Last year as there was no sign of me being sent an appointment for either my third primary vaccine or flu one I booked a flu vaccine appointment at a local pharmacy just so at least I’d had one ( vaccines are delivered differently in Scotland than in England if you are there).The covid appointment appeared about a month later and they would have given me the flu one too but obviously I’d had it. I’ve never had a problem with the flu vaccine other than a tender arm but had a very unpleasant 24 hours after the 2nd booster this April and 10 years ago had a high fever and shakes for 12 hours with the pneumonia one. My husband who had it at the same time had no problems. I’m dithering about trying to get the flu one separately again but didn’t hear last year of anyone having problems with the two together.

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Hi @Juliet yes, you have a dilemma there, please let us know how you get on.
Look after yourselves and be kind to yourselves

That’s good news. We have booked our flu jabs at our local surgery but no word yet about a 6th vaccination

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im bookd in for mine on the 30 9 22 with the flue vacine


I run the programme locally and can confirm that as a site we have been instructed that we can start vaccinations week commencing 12th September. Invites will go out soon and patients willbe able to book appointments from 5tb September for W/C 12Th September onwards. The current vaccination expected is a version of Moderna with the new variants covered. This time household members of immunocompromised are also eligible. Hope that helps x


Thanks so much @Jujuju99 that is really useful information.
I have got my flu jab booked and I am sure that my surgery will keep me posted on the Covid jab they are wonderful.
Look after yourself and don’t forget our forum is for you to say how it really is for you as I look forward to hearing more about you.

For info - I’ve just been able to book my husbands 6th dose on the official website. Just asks you why you need another booster ie. Over 75 or under 75 & immunocompromised. For here in Norfolk the earliest appointment was for tomorrow! We booked for Sat though as he only had 2nd Shingrix vaccine yesterday & felt a bit rough today (there’s no delay between Shingrix & Covid vaccinations needed but there is if you’ve had the live version but as nobody with blood cancer should have that one it’s not really relevant). We learned early on not to wait for an invite as we think he was one of the people left off the list of priority patients, he only ever got an invite after he’d already had his vacs! There is no ability to book yet if you only qualify as someone who lives with an immunocompromised person.