Advice Please

Full blood count
Haemoglobin concentration 146 g/L [115.0 - 165.0]
Total white blood count 11.6 109/L [4.0 - 11.0]; Outside reference range
Platelet count - observation 405 10
9/L [135.0 - 400.0]; Outside reference range
Red blood cell count 4.85 1012/L [3.8 - 5.5]
Mean cell volume 87.8 fL [80.0 - 98.0]
Haematocrit 0.426 1/1 [0.37 - 0.47]
Mean cell haemoglobin level 30.1 pg [27.0 - 35.0]
Mean cell haemoglobin concentration 343 g/L [300.0 - 350.0]
Red blood cell distribution width 13.2 % [0.0 - 14.0]
Neutrophil count 4.78 10
9/L [2.0 - 7.5]
Lymphocyte count 5.17 109/L [1.0 - 4.0]; Outside reference range
Monocyte count - observation 1.00 10
9/L [0.2 - 0.8]; Outside reference range
Eosinophil count - observation 0.53 109/L [0.04 - 0.4]; Outside reference range
Basophil count 0.11 10
9/L [0.0 - 0.1]; Outside reference range
Nucleated red blood cell count 0.0 10*9/L [< 0.0] Above Recommended Range

Liver function tests
Serum alanine aminotransferase level 21 u/L [< 40.0]
Serum albumin level 46 g/L [35.0 - 50.0]
Serum alkaline phosphatase level 110 u/L [30.0 - 130.0]
Serum bilirubin level 4 umol/L [< 21.0]

Serum amylase level 74 u/L [28.0 - 100.0]

Tumour Markers
Serum CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) level 6.0 ug/L [< 10.0]
Serum CA 125 (cancer antigen 125) level 10 ku/L [< 35.0]; A normal serum CA125 value does not exclude malignancy.

Urea and electrolytes
Serum sodium level 140 mmol/L [133.0 - 146.0]
Serum potassium level 4.5 mmol/L [3.5 - 5.3]
Serum urea level 9.9 mmol/L [2.5 - 7.8]; Outside reference range
Serum creatinine level 72 umol/L [45.0 - 84.0]
eGFR using creatinine (CKD-EPI) per 1.73 square metres 80 mL/min/1.73m*2; Calculated eGFR is not valid in children or pregnancy.
Less accurate with acute change in creatinine (AKI).
Caution with high or low muscle

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Hi @pettyt65 welcome to our forum.
I am presuming you, or someone close to you, have had the test results in this and your other post.
Therefore someone medical ordered these tests.
Personally I would suggest you, or they, have an appointment with the medical person to go through what the tests are, the results and the significance of those results.
I would suggest the medical person will then, taking into account other factors like age, health issues, symptoms, medical history etc. rule out a diagnosis, make a diagnosis and discuss the way forward.
We are all very special unique people.
The Blood Cancer UK website has lots of helpful information on it.
The Blood Cancer UK support line is also there for you to talk to someone.
This forum is here for you, for other’s experiences and support.
A blood cancer diagnosis is really scary and fearful of the unknown and no matter what blood cancer we, or people close to us, have got many of us seem to share similar thoughts and emotions.
This sounds a scary fearful time for you and it takes courage to post.
I look forward to hearing more about you.
Look after and be kind to yourself


Dear @pettyt65
Thank you for taking the time to post on the Forum. May I ask whether these results and you concerns are about yourself or a loved one?
We cannot comment specifically on the blood tests and we have no clinical context to base this on but we are very happy to talk to you over the phone, by email or you can privately message us here on the Forum: Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK
As @Erica suggested the Doctor who ordered the tests would be best placed to discuss them as they will know why they were ordered and any other medical issues.
Take care and hope to speak to you soon.


What advice were you looking for
What blood cancer
Are these your first results

Everyone will be different in their journeys even if it’s the same blood cancer

My consultant gave me a folder
She listed what each of the columns should be and we logged my bloods at each visit
They are basically
Light chains

I have IGGK myeloma


Hi @pettyt65 we were just wondering how you’re doing and if you managed to discuss the above with your healthcare team? Hope you’re doing well.

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