Antibody test result

Today I finally got my NHS Antibody Test result and felt that it would be good to share.

The result was one paragraph explaining that I had antibodies (but did not confirm weather I had ones associated with beating the Spike Protein associated with Covid nor did it give the amount of antibodies I had) & added that it did not know how good my immune system was in dealing with Covid.
How detailed have other peoples results been?
I can confirm that the test was FINALLY accessed by my GP after two biblical testaments worth of letters confirming my priorities, reminding her of my medical history. I feel as if I have been short changed after all my efforts. I have been told that I should have had numbers on my Antibody test, eg like in a full blood count
I know they are not 100% accurate, but I did expect more detail. My GP is someone who I am unhappy with, but in all honesty she can only tell me what she’s been given. I don’t know where to get more data? My local
community phlebotomy service carried out the test. Has my GP NOT asked for enough information originally or have community phlebotomy not read the data or information required properly when they recieved request?
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Hi @anon06
I can understand your frustration with that result, but that is all the information I received when I underwent an antibody test for Cancer Research UK.
I think it’s probably too expensive to get the more in depth detail - unless you pay for such a test privately (I think people on this forum have done so.) There was a thread on here a while back mentioning which companies charged what for an in depth anslysis. There’s some debate though about whether these tests are accurate and/or even helpful - but it might be worth searching that thread out.
Hope that helps.


Just to inform you and everyone I have arranged a telephone consultation with my GP. I will discuss the results from my recent antibody test in more detail a copy of these results will be sent to me eventually…
This was arranged after patients association had give me advice
Helpline - 0800 345 7115
They are really helpful and see things from your point of view if your Dr is “Dr Headache”. They tell you how to approach your dr.
I can’t print links here, but look them up.


Good luck with it, @anon06. I hope the conversation offers you some reassurance.


I’m guessing you have read this @anon06

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Hi @anon06 I might be wrong, but I believe you have had the standard NHS antibody test and a typical type of response.
There are private testing houses out there who, for a fee, will test in lots of different ways and also give their results in different ways.
I had a test after my second vaccine because of a trial I was on at the time, It told me I had no antibodies at that time.
I have chosen not to get a one of the very varied private tests available since that time because the test results might quote the number of antibodies that I had, but not the quality of my antibodies or how many I would need to fight each of the many Covid strains since then.
I also felt that if I got an infection and/or got run down what would happen to my antibodies then
Those are my very non medical, but personal thoughts, not to be quoted

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The only thing I understand is that I outlined to my doctor what I was looking for clearly and eventually she agreed to access me one, knowing of my needs. If what you are saying is true that is a MASSIVE error on her part.


Hi @anon06 , I don’t think it is a massive error on her part at all.
She has knowledge of your medical history and needs as you said and NHS medical insider knowledge on up to date testing techniques
Covid times and testing techniques have probably really improved in the last 3+ yrs and don’t forget that my post were purely very personal thoughts, not to be quoted.
Please let us know how you get on and really look after yourself

Thanks very much& Im not getting at you with my reply, but sadly the truth must be told
As for being a MASSIVE error on her part, we might as well agree to differ! Particularly if you knew my medical history, I’m sure your opinion would definitely differ
I have been advised by many medical people aware of my history that I need a antibody test that will tell me if I have enough antibodies to fight off the Spike Protein associated with Covid. At first she blamed the system for not allowing her to access one, now after several lines chapters and versrs she gets me one AND ITS THE WRONG ONE, she’s been about as useful as a chocolate teacup! Previously she described me as a drain on medical services because I asked for home visits!
In reading this you may wonder whos the Doctor, I have done this myself a lot lately.
Take care.

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You might be aware of these

I contacted Forth about their anti body testing kits back in 2021 for testing my response to vaccine and had a reply back saying they could only test for natural infection

Edit post
The tests below were done by the NHS via A&E after reacting to first vaccine and thought to have blood clot thankfully after two CT scans I didn’t and in response to catching covid

2021 I had no antibody response from the vaccine
I had two Astra Zeneca

2022 I caught covid my bloods were taken before sotrivomib and I was found to have a good antibody response from natural infection


“Ok” lets say I order private test ,
I take it and send it off
it gives all the details on return of results
How am I supposed to read technical jargon
Who do I get to read it?
I don’t trust my GP
Got no family members or friends who are medics
Getting something out of her is like getting blood out of a stone anyway and I would not give her the opportunity to say no
Will it say “you have enough antibody(s) to combat Spike Variant?” in more technical terms?
For the people in this group who have bought Private Tests who did they get to read them?
I could buy a test, but it would be a waste of money if I did not understand all of the results? I believe you get a paragraph in layman’s terms & a detailed technical analysis
It’s the technical analysis that I have paid for though? I
Are there medical groups who work voluntary in scenarios such as this?
Can anyone advise

@Erica @LauranBloodCancerUK @TanyaBloodCancerUK

Is this any help for information only
I do not and would not endorse any test kits


Antibody tests look for evidence of the immune response to covid-19. The aim to answer the question: have I been exposed to COVID-19 and produced an immune response? You can read in more detail about the types of test here. If you want to see if you are carrying Covid-19 now, you need to use an antigen test (PCR test).

We do not yet know if the antibodies are protective to make you immune and we do not yet know how long this immunity will last.


If an individual has been infected with SARS-CoV-2, they may have detectable antibodies to both the nucleocapsid (N) and the spike protein receptor binding domain (RBD). Baseline antibody tests for both nucleocapsid and RBD antigens are therefore helpful to identify patients who have been previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. It is not yet known if an individual with a positive result showing presence of IgG levels following being infected with SARS-CoV-2 will be protected, either fully or partially from future infection, or for how long protective immunity may last.

If an individual has been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, with no history of natural infection, the antibodies they develop are to the spike protein receptor binding domain. Determining the levels of these antibodies could play a role in establishing vaccine efficacy and vaccine-induced immune response.

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Thanks I would obviously have to borrow money for this. Have you got any links for similar services in North West Of England, I would go for the home visit option. At least results would be read by medical professional in detail.
Ill need the home service obviously but the key question is will this service provide explanation of technical analysis?

Oh @anon06 I have absolutely no idea, that is why I have not got a private test done.

Hi @anon06
I have no recommendations as I wouldn’t pay any money to have antibody testing

The link I posted was for information only that may help you make sense of your results if it was covid testing?

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I just don’t know what to do, that’s my predicament at the moment as well as Dr "Headache "

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Is there a reason why you want the antibody test?


I need to know where I stand with things, an indication of how much risk I am at

To confirm getting the extra info of going private is one thing, getting someone to read / explain technical info is another

I know they are not 100%, but they will give me at least an indication.

All this sounds daft but for example will I be safe to use pub toilets as long as Im careful or do I avoid at all costs and use supermarket safe ones or McDonald’s where I can see how regularly they are cleaned. Do I wear a mask or do I wear a mask and gloves. The type of masks I should wear and the level, the most protective ones may best protect me from Covid but will play havoc with my breathing due to other conditions yes they have a valve but are heavy duty and cause me to sweat one I have a wardrobe full of them unsure 100% which one is safest for me outdoors

Ok its not going to specifically say those sentences, but it will allow me to make better judgement, then a generalised paragraph with no specific results.


Here’s my take on my own risk assessment due to on going treatment and two stem cell transplants bearing in mind I cannot have another transplant once this one stops working and lack of antibodies to vaccinations due to ongoing treatment

My response to my vaccinations generally may not result in a good antibody result so I’m at risk of being seriously ill or even dying too
Any childhood disease
Cold sores
I have this confirmed in a letter from my consultant

Work have to provide me with a safe working space which we are working with them and getting colleagues to understand my risk.

I am still shielding and will be for the foreseeable and I wear my mask.
I get my shopping delivered
My close friends visit I now set up my back garden where I feel safe and they visit if they are well.

I’m very happy not to be with general public

The only places I visit are my chemo unit and drive through coffee

I cannot and will not put myself through the anxiety of wondering if any person I’m in contact with is sick.

General population have forgotten about covid
I now have to look after myself

I would rather keep myself safe than be hospitalised and sick.

So far my risk assessment has kept me well.


I am writing these words in the hope that someone, can relate to this or it may prepare them if faced with a similar scenario.

My saga continues…

Since my last contact I have filled in a form which (when sanctioned) will allow extra details of the results eg numbers to be sent to me via post.

My istincs tell me that what I receive back is the information I have already.

In other words my Dr asked for the wrong test, when I told her specifically what I wanted in the first place.

Originally she said she could not access one blaming the system, I write letter to her (pay for taxi to deliver it), explaining exactly what I want and Instead of telling me the information I require is not possible (before a test was accessed) she access me one that obviously was never going to give me sufficient result?! Drs latest words to me is that they feel they have done their best and will write to Microbiology, please forgive me for not holding my breath for a positive outcome.

Already I have wasted money (taxi fairs & printing costs) and time

I will wait for this reply from the form I filled in for medical records, but I suspect Ill be taking the private route soon.
Perhaps sending my Dr the invoice!