Antibody test results after covid Jab number 7

Jab no7 for me soon, how many have people on here had and what have peoples antibody test results been like since their last jab?

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Hi @anon06 I had my 7thvaccine last week, a bivalent, no side effects.
I was told the centres did not know which vaccine they would get till the batch arrived.
I only had an antibody test after No 2 I think it was for some research I was part of and no antibodies then.
I have not bothered about it since as I am not convinced a result would tell me what it would mean for me in practice, how many I needed and how effective my little antibodies might be anyway.
This is my very non medical response.
Look after yourself


Had my jab no 7 mid April (Pfizer bivalent ), no bad side effects. I started to produce some antibodies with jab no 5 which was 15 months after my treatment finished.


Hi @anon06 I am also not sure what test I would get as there are a lot of different ones out there, offering different testing methods, ways of showing results, of different things, for differing prices.
It does not take much to confuse me.

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Hi @anon06,
I have done two antibody tests. The first one was from the Governments Testing Programme. This tested for antibodies to the nucleor capsid protein only. I tested negative for antibodies because at the time I hadnt actually caught Covid.

The second antibody test was with BioCard. This detects all igG antibodies made against the spike protein (ie from infection and vaccination). I got a very high titer, which was reassuring. I did this about a month after testing negative.

There are a lot of tests on the market and they are all different. Choosing the right one is confusing and depends what you are trying to find out.

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I have had 6 was due my 7th but got covid a few weeks back so now can’t have it for a while.
2 antibodies tests one from the government NHS and one for Rudy study that I do alot of fines and testing with.
Both came back positive for antibodies and a good response level.
Hope all are getting on okay with the vaccine and tests.

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The antibody test I am looking for is one that finds if I have enough antibodies to fight off the spike protein.
Also when you get results back from an an antibody body test how are they worded? Ie the type of terminology (laymans terms or “medical jargon” ) or presentation used eg diagram of body with red shaded areas representing amount of a antibodies you have.

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I use Monitor My Health Vaccine Immunity Test (link below) which test for antibodies to the vaccine specifically. They tell you the level of antibodies you have Ie give you a specific number (rather than just saying you are positive or negative to antibodies which simplistic tests do). The problem is that no scientists have yet figured out the level you need to achieve for it to be effective. And while the test provides a numeric level, there is also the issue of “quality” as well as quantity of antibodies (with some blood cancers the quality can be diminished I believe based on some early trials I read). Anyway the test gave me some piece of mind that I had at least developed some antibodies (12 months after treatment finished jab no 4 produced no antibodies, after jab no 5 which was 15 months post-treatment I had an antibody level of 400, jab no 6 I had over 2500 which I personally view as a reasonable level , no idea of the quality of them of course), so it gave me some piece of mind I’d have something to help me if I get Covid (immune responseI believe comes from B cells - which produce the antibodies - and T cells ; my T cells are not in good shape due to the specific chemo type I had so I was keen to know if/when the B cells produced some antibodies) . As it can take longer for us to produce antibodies, it’s a good idea to wait until 4 to 6 weeks post vaccine jab to do the test Ie don’t do it too early after your jab. Hope that helps


Carole thank you for this information while in the blurb it confirms nothing is 100% with these it does give some piece of mind.
Or at least tell people “where they stand”.

I myself am not high risk due to current treatment (not under any treatment), I am highrisk group immunocompromised due to my medical history and have two long term health conditions, eg I am getting 7th jab.

I think I should consult with medical person on subject of results when recieved, as they don’t appear to be in layman’s terms am I correct?

I would like to invite BloodCancerUK @LauranBloodCancerUK @TanyaBloodCancerUK @Alice_BloodCancerUK to share thoughts on this tests reliability

@Erica @CaroleCW
In general how have people found the process of getting antivirals, I imagine not like getting paracetamol OBVIOUSLY, but is there much “rigmarole” & how effective have they been?

Good afternoon, thank you for tagging us @anon06. We are unable to comment on the validity and reliability of private tests, however in any case, you’re absolutely right to consult with a medical professional involved in your care on any test results so that they can help put them into context with your individual history and circumstances.

Here are our vaccine efficacy webpages, for the benefit of those that may not have seen this- Covid vaccine efficacy and blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK. It mentions antibody testing as well as vaccine efficacy.

As ever we are here to talk things over with anybody that would like to (0808 2080 888 or

Best wishes,


Thanks very much for your reply

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My friend was treated with synthetic (monoclonal) a tibodies in hospital via drip, shame they are not used as preventatives
I did not know of this treatment, only knew that Evusheld had failed be purchased

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Hi @anon06 I have been lucky enough not to have caught Covid so I have not had to try the antiviral procedure out.
There are quite a few experiences posted on different threads of the forum though.

Hi @anon06,
Biocard sent the results by email. First of all it says "Covid-19 specific antibodies were detected. Then is says the samle was "Very Strong Positive, Strong Positive etc. Then it gives the concentration of spike-specific igG antibodies on a scale 0.5 -10 AU/ml. Then it presents a table of ranges of concentrations against description eg Negative is <0.25 and Strong Positive is 8.5-10. Then follows a written explanation if your result and the risk of waning (they want everyone to re-test after each booster).

I hope this helps

Sadly, none of the antibody tests available measure the levels of memory cells. These are the ones that are cloned when a re-infection is detected.


Do you mean that an antibody test can’t measure if you have enough cells that you have to fight of reinfection?
In saying that a test by my understanding says you have enough antibodies to fight infection or not, weather first time infection or re-infection
Perhaps the question should be whats the difference between antibodies that fight off infection and those fight off reinfection?
Most of us of had Covid, therefore if antibody tests don’t tell us how much cells we have to fight of reinfection, what use are they?
Are antibody tests only useful for people who have not had covid?
Sorry for “silly” questions, but I want to establish things.

@TanyaBloodCancerUK can you help me understand please?

I’m confused :thinking:

So sorry @anon06 I seemed to have confused you.
Antibodies are produced by immune cells. When an infection has passed, the production of antibodies declines as does the number of immune cells producing them. A small number of those immune cells become memory cells and circulate in our bodies for many years. If there is a second encounter with the same or very similar bacteria or virus the memory cells will start multiplying and producing new antibodies which will shut down the new infection…

So declining levels of antibodies post infection is an entirely normal and necessary process, it doesnt mean that you cannot fight reinfection.



Thanks initially, Im still a bit confused, but not as much as before, and of course what your saying is that the tests don’t measure how much memory cells we have?
Do what degree antibodies shown on an antibody test at least indicate memory cells?
I feel as if I need an Oxford Biology degree to live my life.
Thanks for your reply
I look forward to hearing from you

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I am booked in for number 7 at the end of week it would appear I needed to be more patient as more centres have now opened up nearer to home:) might be worth anyone experiencing issues booking vaccination locally to try again.


Thanks very much for your contribution, it is of benifit to a lot of people. I myself am housebound though and am on VERY high risk list, but thanks anyway.

Sorry to digress but I’m still "gutted " over Evusheld scenario and how
opportunity was wasted when it worked. I have an unrelenting passion about this & it sickens me.

Also fao @Erica @Alice_BloodCancerUK

Although difficult we must try our best to be positive about the future, eg Evusheld 2.0 or Supanova. Positivity breeds incentive & energy so we are heard across the world, throughout the years especially 28th May World Blood Cancer Day.

I’m taking all vaccinations available as they do give best protection available. Hoping that no7 will unlock the antibodies needed to figh off Covid.

RISE UP! :man_lifting_weights: