Antivirals and Covid

Hi Folks, I got Covid nearly 2 weeks ago. My symptoms are akin to a headcold. I had my Moderna booster in mid Sept. I have FNHL since 2016 and had 8 x RCVP. Now in very good partial remission. I contacted NHS111 and received a call from my regional hospital in Reading giving me the choice of antivirals in tablet form to be couriered over to me, due to having mild symptoms and the bivalent booster. They said that the booster seems to be v. effective in preventing serious symptoms, so they don’t automatically issue the antivirals and instead offer a choice if symptoms are mild and there’s a long enough time (unspecified but 4 years for me) since immunosuppresants have been taken, such as Rituximab. I chose not to take the antivirals on the basis that I could get them easily in the following days if my symptoms got worse. They are still lingering but haven’t got worse. I can still carry on as normal.
Has anyone had a similar experience?


Hey buddy

I caught covid for the very first time about three weeks ago. I’ve had 5 jabs with last one in June but haven’t taken the latest vaccine as Haemotologist advised not to have it just yet.

Main symptom was heavy cough and high temp and was offered and took the antiviral sotrovimab through intravenous and though I still test positive for about 6 days I instantly felt better and now all symptoms have gone.

Was told not to take any medication during positive covid and to wait til appointment with Haemotologist and a blood test to check my levels.

Everything from contacting 111 to accessing antivirals and general aftercare I received was excellent and can’t fault it and it definitely had an impact to my speedy recovery


@purdy1966 so sorry to hear that you have had Covid for the last 2 weeks.
Your lingering symptoms must be dragging you down though.
Look after yourself and be ever so kind to yourself.


Hi @Erica and @Rammie18, thanks for your replies. The lingering symptoms aren’t dragging me down, thankfully. It’s no worse than hay fever at the moment. I’m relieved that I can handle it without antivirals. I will be travelling for 3 months next year and have been worried about catching Covid and not having access to antivirals.
It’s a big weight off my mind. It’s also terrific that the new bivalent vaccines appear to be even more protective. 3 cheers for Moderna and Pfizer!!!
I certainly don’t want to get it again, though, so will keep up my stock of FFP3s. I’m really annoyed with myself for letting my guard down.


Hello @purdy1966
So sorry to hear you are still feeling the effects of COVID. I was very interested to hear you were offered a choice regarding having COVID treatment, this is not something we were aware of but of course you can choose to not take treatment at any time.
I would suggest that if your symptoms persist or worsen to contact your Haematology team for advice.
Take care

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Hi Gemma, thanks for your advice. I will contact the Haematologist/team if my symptoms persist.


Hi Folks, a quick update. I have been asking my haematology team and GP whether (in my individual case) taking the antivirals will reduce the duration of mild symptoms and I have been told that there is no evidence/information about this. I asked this question because I was unsure whether I always should take antivirals after testing positive for Covid with mild symptoms. I have F-NHL since May 2016 with 8 x RCVP and 2 years maintenance Rituximab until Oct 2018 resulting in very good partial remission.
The good news is that I have been told by my GP that my “excellent” bloods show that I am no longer immunocompromised. I have been told in the past that my bloods were good but I’d assumed that this was relative to people with my condition, not relative to a person without blood cancer. This is the first time I have been told this.
This news is both wonderful and liberating.
I am not dropping my guard against Covid and am realistic about risk of relapses for F-NHL, but I don’t feel hampered by Covid anymore and can now get back to enjoying my remission period.
The vaccines are truly wonderful.


Superb news :slight_smile:

I was always nervous about catching covid and when I did and took the antivirals as temp didn’t go down and cough was a nightmare, I was really pleased that my body allowed the antivirals to work really effectively.

Definitely fills me with confidence that my body is doing something to fight infections when it needs to or that it doesnt overpower the medication given to fight it


I’m delighted for you @Rammie18. It’s terrific that your body responded so well to the antivirals.
As long as there’s treatment, there’s freedom and hope, imho.
It really does build confidence to have gone through it and come out the other end successfully. It seems that Covid will be around for a good while yet. So it’s good to know that the treatments and vaccines are doing their jobs. :grinning: