Had COVID - it’s been ok❣️

Have been shielding for about 2+ years due to Lymphoma. Tested positive, sent Priority Test & sent photo of positive test online. NHS in touch within 24 hours, 5 days of anti viral meds delivered to my door within 48 hours. Awful metallic taste in mouth for a week but no other side effects. It was sore throat, bad cold symptoms that improve but continue 21 days on. I can live with that, and ever grateful to our NHS :rainbow:


Oh @Karen1 thanks so much for posting your positive Covid experience and how the NHS system worked. Yes, the NHS are really wonderful and we so lucky to have them.
Look after yourself


Thanks for your post Karen. Delighted everything worked so well.
I had Covid in late Oct for 1st time. I was given choice with antivirals and decided not to take them, as symptoms were mild. It lasted about 3 weeks gradually improving after 1st week. Just like a very streamy, heavy cold but no fever, headache or sore throat. I rested more than normal for first 2 weeks but carried on as usual after that. It’s good to know that the jabs are doing the job and to have the antivirals if needed.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with covid, @Karen1, so glad all went smoothly in terms of getting treatment. Hoping the cold symptoms leave you alone soon! Take care, Alice

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Pleased the process went well for you and that you have recovered. My experience of obtaing the antivirals was not good at all. I had to make numerous phone calls when i was not feeling well. Wventually got them jusi in time on day 5. My husband had to go to collect them from the hospital. If i catch it again i wont be bothering to get them. Far too stressful.