Any experience with Blinatumomab

Hi wonderful people :slight_smile:
Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Blinatumomab? This is what my consultant is putting me on to get me into complete remission before my transplant. He’s said it will be kinder than chemotherapy and hopefully I won’t be so neutropenic so should be able to have a semi normal life before the transplant?

Thanks :blush:


@nbk112 sorry I cannot help you but hopefully someone can give their experiences.
It is scary when you do not know the unknown isn’t it.
How are you feeling currently?

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Hi Erica,

Thanks for your response!! I am feeling ok, a little disappointed that I have to have to more treatment but determined to get it done!!

I’m just hoping it will be easier than chemo!!

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Hey @nbk112, I like you attitude, please keep posting how you are doing.

Keep that determination going! Fingers crossed that this will be kinder than chemo X

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